IAS Announces First Attention Product to Unify Media Quality & Eye-Tracking

Integral Ad Science, a leading global media measurement and optimisation platform, today (January 4th, 2024) announced the general availability of its Quality Attention™ measurement product, the first to unify media quality and eye-tracking with machine learning. The new offering provides transparent metrics to help global advertisers increase return on investment, drive brand consideration, and boost conversions.

With Quality Attention, advertisers can capture higher attention to drive campaign performance and unlock proven results. Quality Attention uses advanced machine learning technology, actionable data from Lumen Research’s eye-tracking technology, and a variety of signals obtained as part of IAS’s core technology, including viewability, ad situation, and user interaction, and weighs them into a single attention score. IAS’s attention model is designed to predict if an impression is more likely to lead to a business result including awareness, consideration, and conversion.

“Attention measurement must inform actions that drive superior results for advertisers," said Yannis Dosios, chief commercial officer, Integral Ad Science. "Our Quality Attention offering is purpose-built to help brands and agencies navigate through media clutter to seamlessly understand how media visibility, the ad environment, and customer interaction impact campaign performance. According to our research, brands that focus on driving higher IAS attention scores achieve up to a 130% lift in conversion rates leading to a better return on their investment."

Quality Attention provides global advertisers with: 

  • An advanced machine learning model: A singular view of campaigns’ attention performance, trained based on a pool of data consisting of billions of impressions and millions of conversion events.
  • Proven performance and brand results: Up to a 130% lift in conversion rates when comparing high attention impressions to low attention impressions, with greater attention scores seeing 91% higher brand consideration and 166% higher purchase intent.
  • Unification of media quality with human attention: IAS is the first company to combine one of the world's largest consumer attention biometric data sets with media quality metrics to provide the most accurate picture of attention for global advertisers.

Global healthcare company, Sanofi, has partnered with IAS as they move beyond traditional ways of measuring media performance. “We know that ad clutter is not only a frustrating consumer experience, but it also correlates with attention and carbon footprint: less ad clutter equals more attention and less carbon,” said Anna Kechekmadze, global digital media lead at Sanofi CHC. “Our partnership with IAS on Quality Attention is giving us insight into how attention plays a role in reducing ad fatigue, getting better inventory quality and improving media KPIs.” 

IAS and Lumen Research announced their initial partnership in 2023 to change the way digital advertising impressions are measured for attention-first advertising. Now, IAS customers will have an even more powerful way to accurately track which ad impressions have captured attention and are likely to yield business results.

“We are excited about the evolution of our partnership with IAS and how we are offering advertisers a transparent and more accurate picture of attention,” said Mike Follett, CEO at Lumen Research. “By bringing our cutting-edge eye-tracking data to IAS’s attention model, advertisers have access to the most robust predictive attention models at scale.”

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