AdPlayer.Pro Outstream SaaS Solutions Provider Reports Q4 2023 Results




AdPlayer.Pro, a global provider of outstream SaaS video advertising solutions, has reported the company’s Q4 2023 results.

As per the official announcement, Q4 2023 emerged as the standout quarter of the year, driven by a rewarding winter holiday season, which aligned well with the initial annual forecast.

In this respect, Natalie Romankina, CEO of AdPlayer.Pro, acknowledged that 2023 presented challenges for the online advertising sector. However, the company achieved a consistent upswing in business outcomes throughout the year, culminating in a robust finish in Q4.

Navigating through turbulent times, Ms. Romankina highlighted the positive trend in the digital ad market over the past two quarters. She expressed optimism for 2024, emphasising that while the growth might not match the rapid pace witnessed in early 2021, the anticipated impact of the third-party cookie phase-out on advertising activities would be managed, with a more substantial growth trajectory foreseen for H2 2024.

In Q4 2023 AdPlayer.Pro also introduced several functional enhancements to its video ad server platform, primarily focused on empowering customers to customise the on-page positioning and display of the sticky ad placements via the player JS code.

As Ms. Romankina noted, AdPlayer.Pro partners have been demonstrating a growing interest in sticky ad implementations over the past year. Consequently, the ongoing expansion of configuration capabilities aims to cater to this increasing demand.

From the programmatic standpoint, the AdPlayer.Pro video ad platform functionality now enables users to track the new eCPM parameter in their demand statistics reports, allowing them to determine the exact winning bid prices per auction, hence equipping ad-ops teams with more granular data for their more informed decision-making.

For more information about AdPlayer.Pro’s video ad server and ad management platform, please visit here or send us an email at business@adplayer.pro.


AdPlayer.Pro is a global provider of outstream video advertising tech solutions, including ad-enabled video player technology and a robust video ad server with scalable white-label capabilities....
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