Nearly a Third of all Retail Shoppers are Influenced by CTV, DOOH and Mobile, According to New Blis Research

New research from Blis, the integrated ad planning, buying and measurement platform, reveals that CTV, DOOH, and mobile ads significantly influence nearly one-third of retail shoppers in the UK to make purchase decisions. In collaboration with Sapio, a comprehensive market research consultancy, the research was commissioned to understand what matters to retail shoppers in the UK.

The research states that while online reviews and word of mouth still influence purchases, interestingly, omnichannel campaigns combining mobile ads, CTV ads and DOOH ads can affect over 28% of consumers across the retail sector. 

The study also reveals the power of personalised ads, with a third of respondents saying they are more likely to buy a product if they see a personalised ad. Ads showing nearby stores are the favourite type of personalised ads, according to 39% of respondents, followed by ads related to the content they’re reading at the moment. That proves the power of geolocation targeting for brands and how it can be even more powerful than contextual targeting solutions alone. 

“As Google began phasing out support for third-party cookies in Chrome last month, understanding shoppers’ preferences and what they value in their advertising experience is crucial,” said Charlie Smith, Managing Director of Europe at Blis. “While some consider contextual targeting solutions as their primary option to replace cookie-based solutions, they risk delivering one-dimensional campaigns. Combining geo-powered advertising, context, and privacy-first data is a far more sophisticated and proven approach to reach consumers for retail brands, no matter their advertising device, and we are proud to offer exactly that.”

All the findings and tips from Blis can be found in their new e-guide, titled “What really matters to UK retail shoppers”.


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