StackAdapt Launches Arabic & Chinese Language Media Buying Across EMEA

StackAdapt, a leading multi-channel programmatic advertising platform, is thrilled to announce the launch of Arabic and Chinese language contextual advertising solutions, enabling advertisers to connect with audiences browsing Arabic and Chinese content across multiple media channels.

Arabic Language Contextual Advertising Across EMEA

StackAdapt's Arabic language contextual advertising offers advertisers the ability to target Arabic language readers across various media channels. This unique offering leverages StackAdapt's Page Context AI, Keyword Rule Targeting, and Browsing Audiences features, allowing marketers to tailor their ads to users engaged with content in Modern Standard Arabic. With over 350,000 web pages scanned per day for Arabic content, StackAdapt presents a comprehensive solution for businesses aiming to connect with Arabic-speaking audiences.

StackAdapt's Page Context AI solution enables advertisers to display native, display, and video ads to users reading content directly relevant to their brand's product or service. This patented solution (US patent 11,748,776) does not rely on cookies or other identifiers, ensuring effective targeting without the need to process user data.

Moreover, the company's Keyword Rule Targeting solution allows advertisers to define specific keywords and phrases related to their campaigns. This feature enables advertisers to accurately align their ads with the right content by assigning rules. Additionally, Browsing Audiences enables marketers to focus their efforts on the most interested audiences.

"StackAdapt is broadening its audience targeting horizons by introducing a contextual advertising feature for the Arabic and Chinese languages," said Andrew Rose, VP of Sales EMEA at StackAdapt. "This opens up significant opportunities for advertisers to effectively reach audiences engaged with Arabic and Chinese content, thereby greatly improving advertising effectiveness through strategic placement."

Chinese Language Contextual Advertising

In addition to Arabic language capabilities, StackAdapt has also launched Chinese language contextual advertising, enabling advertisers to target users engaged with Traditional and Simplified Chinese content, covering both Mandarin and Cantonese. 

Marketers can now tailor their ads to users consuming content in Traditional and Simplified Chinese, utilising StackAdapt's advanced features such as Page Context AI, Keyword Rule Targeting, and Browsing Audiences. 

StackAdapt said the solution would appeal to any brand seeking to connect with audiences browsing Chinese content. The company said it currently scans 1 million web pages per day for Chinese language bid requests.


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