Taptap Launches in Brazil with the Appointment of Andrea Orsolon as VP of Business Development

Taptap Digital, a leading area-based omnichannel marketing platform, helping brands discover who and where their ideal customers are and how best to reach them without the need for cookies, launches in Brazil with the appointment of Andrea Orsolon as VP of business development. 

Orsolon will spearhead Taptap’s entry into the Brazilian market. Prior to that Orsolon was responsible for opening the Brazilian offices of Adsmovil, Entravision (Headway), and OLX. She is an experienced digital marketing professional in Brazil, bringing a strong track record for scaling startups. As the largest digital advertising market in Latin America - projected to hit USD$12bn (£9.4bn)by 2027 according to eMarketer - Brazil presents a strategic opportunity to rapidly expand operations and accelerate Taptap’s footprint and growth in the region. 

“I'm thrilled to be launching Taptap in Brazil. Their unique platform offers advanced location capabilities that leverages the latest AI technology. Taptap can discover and activate audiences using the power of rich online and offline data all without the need for cookies. As it does everything within one unique proprietary platform they deliver seamless planning, buying and closed loop reporting. Taptap is the true omnichannel partner that was missing in Brazil.” said Orsolon. 

With offices in Mexico, Colombia, Peru, Chile, Argentina, and Central America this announcement reflects the latest development in Taptap’s plans to solidify its market-leading position within the LATAM region. 

"Expanding into Brazil marks a milestone in our journey across Latin America, a region where we've grown our expertise and fostered deep partnerships over the past decade," said Alvaro Mayol, general manager at Taptap.

"This strategic move is more than just about growth; it's a testament to our commitment to a region known for its innovation and excellence. By integrating our extensive learnings and unique capabilities in leveraging both on and offline data, we are setting a new standard in media planning and activation across all platforms, from mobile and DOOH to audio and CTV. With CTV and DOOH rapidly gaining traction in Brazil, we are uniquely positioned to equip our clients with unparalleled tools to navigate and thrive in these fast-growing channels. Under Andrea's leadership, our new Brazil office is on track to become a cornerstone of our operations, emphasising our role as a pivotal player in Latin America's dynamic market landscape." 

Taptap connects and analyses on and offline data sets based on the common unifier of where they occur through a method called georeferencing. This powers an area-based omnichannel marketing approach that offers better integrated planning, complimentary activation and sophisticated measurement of CTV, DOOH, audio, mobile, and desktop. Allowing advertisers to focus their media in areas where their target audience are present in high concentration rather than the need to target them individually. 

“I am thrilled to witness the growth of our team with the addition of such incredible talent. It brings me great excitement to welcome Andrea to Taptap,” added Alvaro del Castillo, founder & CEO, Taptap. “This is undeniably a significant strategic milestone for our company. With Andrea's leadership, we are not just expanding our team; we are solidifying our presence in Latin America and investing in our prolonged growth. This expansion is crucial for us as it enhances our ability to serve our global, regional, and local clients more effectively. Andrea's expertise and leadership are key to our strategy of deepening our market penetration and delivering exceptional local value to our clients across the region. We are confident that under Andrea's guidance, our Brazilian operations will thrive and contribute significantly to our overall success. We remain dedicated to investing in our pursuit of excellence and our vision for a seamlessly interconnected global service, guided by a strong local presence in each country.”

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