LiveScore Partners with Permutive to Kick Off New Audience Data Platform Ahead of Euros 2024

LiveScore, the global sports media business and one of the world’s leading real-time sports updates and news providers, today (April 18th, 2024) announces the launch of its innovative Audience Data Platform, 'OnTarget’. The new product, which utilises Permutive's 100% addressable Audience Platform, offers advertisers a transparent, privacy-compliant, and future-proof solution for accessing reliable and robust first-party audience segments.

Leading UK brands across a range of industries are already experiencing the benefits of OnTarget's high-intent audiences. An active campaign on the platform has demonstrated a remarkable 59% higher click-through rate (CTR) compared to broad targeting methods, highlighting the significant impact of utilising high-quality, first-party audience data for precise targeting.

LiveScore research has shown there to be strong trait differentials between modern football fans. By leveraging data from its extensive user base, OnTarget empowers brands and advertisers to unlock more insight and targeting capabilities from audiences through Permutive’s unique technology. This is based on interests, behaviours, purchase intent, lifestyles, demographics, personas, and more, all without being impacted by changes to third-party cookie deprecation.

Permutive technology enables LiveScore to address 100% of its audience, including in-app tracking environments such as iOS, resulting in new yield optimisation opportunities. OnTarget utilises thousands of interests, and intent signals collected daily from the LiveScore app and website, combining them with declared and survey data to identify, bundle, and target audience segments in real-time. This development enables brands to reach LiveScore users across the entire marketing funnel at scale, delivering relevant and effective marketing in a highly contextually relevant and brand-safe environment.

With a user base exceeding 2.4 million monthly users in the UK and over 700 million monthly page views, LiveScore OnTarget provides advertisers with unparalleled access to high-value football fans and their consumer habits. 

In addition to its advanced targeting capabilities, OnTarget offers advertisers unique insights through a research-first approach to campaigns. Advertisers can engage users with live, one-question snapshots within the app or conduct comprehensive brand lift and measurement studies; all managed in-house. These studies have been leveraged by advertisers who are interested in understanding how their users engage with brand messaging and how this can be optimised for performance.


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