Pubstack Unveils Q1 2024 Programmatic Data Benchmark

Pubstack, a leading ad management platform for web publishers, is excited to announce the release of its highly anticipated 'Programmatic Data Benchmark' for the first quarter of 2024.

This comprehensive report provides invaluable insights derived from Pubstack's extensive platform data, offering publishers and industry professionals an in-depth analysis of the programmatic advertising landscape across five key European countries: France, Germany, the UK, Italy, and Spain.

Drawing from a wealth of data, the Q1 2024 Programmatic Data Benchmark delves into critical performance indicators essential for understanding market trends and benchmarking against industry averages. Key insights featured in the report include:

  • Top ID Solutions
  • Top Prebid SSPs
  • Desktop and Mobile CPMs by Browser
  • Prebid and AdX Top Sizes
  • Average Number of Bidders Called
  • Average Number of Responses per Auction
  • Viewability
  • Revenue Share of Voice

"We're thrilled to present our latest Programmatic Data Benchmark for Q1 2024, offering stakeholders a comprehensive overview of key market insights," said Loïc Sfiligoi, co-founder and CEO of Pubstack. "In an ever-evolving digital landscape, access to reliable data is paramount for informed decision-making. With this report, publishers can benchmark their quarterly results against market averages and gain invaluable insights to drive strategic initiatives."

To download the full Q1 2024 Programmatic Data Benchmark report, please follow this link: https://hubs.la/Q02v_QHX0


Pubstack, established in 2018 in Paris, is a web publisher Ad Management platform collaborating with 100+ European premium publishers. It revolutionises Ad Management by using a data-driven approach to build, maintain, optimise, and monitor ad sta...
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