BRAVE to Lead the Way in Sustainability for Branding Campaigns Using Scope3 Data

BRAVE, the leading supply-side platform (SSP), today (May 20th, 2024) unveiled its new deal with Scope3, the collaborative sustainability platform decarbonising media and advertising. Working with Scope3 is set to enrich BRAVE’s omnichannel inventory by making carbon emissions data accessible, allowing clients and partners to evaluate and mitigate the environmental impact of their advertising campaigns. This initiative is a testament to BRAVE's dedication to merging programmatic efficiency with ecological responsibility.

Echoing the insights shared by Amir Sharer, BRAVE's founder & CEO, on reducing carbon emissions in programmatic advertising, this partnership marks a significant step toward sustainable advertising. "Optimising programmatic bidding to minimise 'digital noise' directly lessens the carbon footprint of campaigns," Sharer notes, emphasising BRAVE's utilisation of a proprietary predictive intelligence engine. This engine ensures the exclusive targeting of the most relevant and valuable impression opportunities which, according to Sharer, can filter bid requests by up to 92%, therefore drastically reducing emissions.

BRAVE's focus on branding campaigns offers a dual benefit of achieving campaign KPIs and helping brands uphold the highest sustainability standards, reflective of their shared values with BRAVE. "Branding campaigns, by nature, require fewer bid requests than performance-driven campaigns, thereby ensuring lower carbon footprint processes," Sharer adds. This strategy, coupled with BRAVE's emphasis on privacy and contextual targeting, signifies a leap towards sustainable advertising that doesn't compromise effectiveness or user privacy.

BRAVE is set to introduce Green Media Products (GMPs), powered by Scope3's comprehensive emissions data model. These GMPs target lower emissions pre-packaged inventory bundles and represent BRAVE's commitment to the industry-wide approach of mitigating waste in digital advertising, embodying BRAVE's broader commitment to a greener future. "We're proud to lead by example, demonstrating that it's possible to drive successful branding campaigns while significantly reducing our ecological footprint," says BRAVE CEO, Amir Sharer.

“BRAVE’s proprietary auto-throttling technology, reduces the number of bid requests required in programmatic trading, which translates to lower carbon emissions,” says David Fischer, global head of ad tech platforms, Scope3. “Using Scope3 data, BRAVE will be able to highlight the carbon-efficient benefits of their technology and branding campaign focus, giving clients and partners the data they need to make informed decisions around performance and sustainability."


BRAVE is the leading omnichannel Supply-Side Platform (SSP). Founded in 2017, the company developed its own proprietary technology, leveraging predictive AI to optimise real-time media delivery for over 650 million active users globally. BRAVE...
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