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  • 3D Audio: The Linchpin of VR & the Future of Entertainment

    Make no mistake – VR is not a fleeting trend. It is the first new storytelling medium that has been created in our lifetime capable of telling complex stories with deep emotional resonance for the audience. In this op-ed by Joel Beckerman (pictured below), founder of Man Made Music, explains how, with 3D spatialised audio spearheading the way in VR, the ground has been laid for scalable theater that could transport us just about anywhere.

    These are the early days. [...]

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  • Standardisation Will Allow More Players in Programmatic Audio: Q&A with Tim Sims, VP Inventory Partnerships, The Trade Desk

    With programmatic audio emerging with increasing volumes of inventory available, major players in the audio industry are setting the standard for the channel. Following Spotify’s recent announcement that it’s partnering with The Trade Desk, Rubicon Project, and AppNexus to launch programmatic audio globally, ExchangeWire speak exclusively with Tim Sims (pictured below), VP inventory partnership, The Trade Desk about how the partnership will work and what the future of programmatic audio looks like.

    ExchangeWire: With Spotify partnering with The Trade Desk for [...]

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  • Programmatic Audio Advertising Primed for Growth

    In January, the IAB Tech Lab released the OpenRTB 2.4 protocol for public comment. With the opportunity for comment now closed, and the protocol awaiting release, ExchangeWire delved into the pending updates that will be supported with the latest version, with particular fascination with the release of digital audio object support.

    To take a step back, OpenRTB came into being in 2010 as a new API specification for an open protocol for automated digital media trading across platforms, devices, and advertising solutions. [...]

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