• Rubicon Project Revenue up 33%; Rocket Fuel's Struggle Continues

    Yesterday (2 August), Rocket Fuel (the ad network desperately trying to transform itself into a software company) reported a loss of USD$16.7m (£12.53m) in second quarter ended 30 June, 2016.


    – Platform Solutions grew significantly year-on-year, representing 18% of GAAP revenue in the second quarter, versus 6% in last year’s second quarter. Media Services was 82% and 94%, respectively

    – Top Customers: revenue from top 50 customers was 53% of total revenue, compared to 47% in the second quarter of fiscal year 2015

    – Revenue [...]

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  • Fundamentally, Users Aren't Cookies: Q&A with Ezra Pierce, CEO, Avocet & David de Jong, CEO, Screen6

    With people now almost exclusively cross-device, effective measurement and management of their consumption is crucial. ExchangeWire spoke with Ezra Pierce, co-founder and CEO, Avocet and David de Jong, co-founder and CEO, Screen6 about their partnership, which allows cross-device conversion management within a DSP and how the industry can tackle the cross-device challenge. 

    ExchangeWire: Screen6, a cross-device platform that operates relatively under the radar partnering with Avocet, a relatively new DSP in the market – how did the partnership come [...]

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  • Let Machines Do What They Excel at: Q&A with Peter Silverwood, Chief Scientific Officer, IO

    The UK DSP market is a tough market to operate in, let alone launch in. Still a relatively new kid on the block, and founded by an ex-Met Office employee, Intelligent Optimisations (IO) are making a name for themselves in an, arguably, saturated market and flying the flag for machine learning. Following his recent promotion to the newly created role of Chief Scientific Officer, IO, Peter Silverwood (pictured below) explains to ExchangeWire exactly what that title means in the [...]

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  • CEO "Proud" of Rubicon Q1 Results

    Yesterday, (3 May) Rubicon Project (NYSE: RUBI), reported record Q1 results: revenue is up 71% year-on-year; earnings per share are up by 1,450% year-on-year. Rubicon also reported that 30% of its revenue comes from mobile and the remaining 70% from desktop, slightly behind 2015 figures from IAB that report mobile to be 35% of the US advertising market. 

    “I am proud of our record-setting execution in Q1, accentuated by another profitable quarter and record first quarter results”, said Frank Addante, CEO [...]

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