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  • Politely Interruptive Ad Formats: Time-Based Advertising Explained

    Campaign measurement using time-based metrics is becoming increasingly popular; but is it still largely misunderstood? ExchangeWire speak with Perry Papadopoulos (pictured below), VP of engineering and product, Parsec, who explains why time-based advertising is so effective, and how to make a success of it.

    You’d be hard-pressed in 2016 to find a more popular digital advertising metric than time, and for good reason. The amount of time that someone spends with an advertisement is likely the strongest indication of impact, relevance, [...]

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  • Forget the 4 P's of Marketing – Today it’s All About the 4 I's

    Can successful digital marketing strategies been borne out of the traditional 4 P’s marketing mix? Dominic Dunne (pictured below), managing director, Drawbridge UK tells ExchangeWire that, while the marketing itself hasn’t changed, marketers’ tactics and capabilities have; and the increased access to data and analytics will allow an evolution of marketing concepts.

    At the core of traditional marketing are the all-important “4 P’s:” Product, Place, Price, and Promotion. These have been the essential components of marketing textbooks for the past [...]

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  • Understanding Attribution From the Inside Out

    Attribution is a term that means all things to all people; but its complexity is often misunderstood. In this feature, ExchangeWire speak with Paolo Gaudiano (pictured below), founder and CEO, Infomous, and attribution expert in his capacity as board member of attribution specialist, Concentric. Gaudiano explains how a ‘concentric’ approach to attribution is much more effective in understanding the individual and how that understanding can be scaled into marketing strategies.

    Attribution is an important topic, but one whose definition is not [...]

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  • The More Marketers Know, the Less They Do

    Data holds incredible power; but are we the victims of our own success with how this data is put to use? ExchangeWire speak with Chris Pitt (pictured below), head of marketing, Vertical Leap, who argues that we are in the middle of a data evolution, and intelligent technology holds the key to success.

    We are in an age of information and connectivity. The amount of available data that a marketer can access is incalculable. With enough dedication, data, and creativity, marketers [...]

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  • Collision of Martech & Ad Tech

    On Tuesday, October 20, 2015, hundreds of European marketing professionals attended MarTech Europe, a conference that delivers inspiration from industry pioneers as well as firsthand accounts of the implementation, managerial and cultural challenges they overcame whilst accomplishing digital transformation.

    Rebecca Muir, ExchangeWire’s head of research and analysis moderated a panel discussion about the collision of martech and ad tech. The panel members were:

    – Zuzanna Gierlinska, director data management platforms, Oracle

    – Caspar Schlickum, CEO, Xaxis EMEA

    – Andy Mihalop, group head UK, Atlas

    – Rakesh [...]

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