Digital Willow's Amber Williamson on TikTok Gaining Favour as a Search Engine, Greenwashing in Ads, and Meta's New AI

ExchangeWire’s Mariam Ahmad and John Still are joined by CEO of Digital Willow, Amber Williamson, to take on the biggest news across media, marketing and ecommerce this week.

TikTok gains favour among Gen Z over Google for searches (

Are we seeing an evolution in search? Is TikTok looking to compete with Google?

For the younger generations, TikTok is evolving beyond entertainment and becoming a search engine for information, recipes, music, and more. Nearly 10% of Gen Z users now prefer TikTok over established search engines like Google, according to an Adobe study. Another recent study by HerCampus found that 74% of Gen Z internet users were using TikTok for search, with half even favouring it over Google.

Australian advertisers take a stand against greenwashing (B&T)

How is the industry adapting to ESG plans in Australia? Will standards like this make a difference?

Advertisers in Australia are taking a stand against greenwashing. Last year, the Australian Association of National Advertisers launched a review of its Environmental Claims Code to ensure the code reflected community standards and international best practice. Now, a draft has been released for public comment, with the objective of providing the public, government, and industry with further opportunity to help shape the standards around environmental claims.

Mark Zuckerberg’s new goal is creating Artificial General Intelligence (The Verge)

Was this inevitable? How is this going to further fire up the AI arms race?

Mark Zuckerberg, Meta CEO is entering the Artificial General Intelligence race. “We’ve come to this view that, in order to build the products that we want to build, we need to build for general intelligence,” Zuckerberg said. He reports that by the end of 2024, Meta will own more than 340,000 of Nvidia’s H100 GPUs — the industry’s chip of choice for building generative AI. Their number of H100 shipments for this year are tied only with Microsoft’s.


John Still, head of content, ExchangeWire


Amber Williamson, CEO, Digital Willow

Mariam Ahmad, editorial lead, ExchangeWire