The Mars Agency’s Katrina Smart on Twitch’s Short-Form Video, Roblox’s Immersive Ads, and Social Media’s Soaring Ad Spend 

On this MadTech Podcast episode, Anne-Marie Sheedy is joined by Mat Broughton and Katrina Smart, Commerce Director Europe at The Mars Agency to explore the latest news in media and marketing. 

They take a look at Twitch's entrance into the world of short-form video, Roblox introducing immersive ads, and social media's dominance in ad spend.

Twitch launches short-form video (Bloomberg

Amazon’s live streaming site Twitch has launched its own short-form video Discovery Feed, which will appear as a new tab on the mobile app. The Discovery Feed will allow users to scroll through short clips taken from longer videos on the app. 

Roblox adds immersive ads (Financial Times)

Roblox has announced video ads will become available to all advertisers, enabling them to reach Roblox users across the platform. 

Social media 'largest global channel' by ad spend (Marketing Week)

According to WARC, social media is the largest media channel worldwide by advertising investment. Over 60% of global social spend is represented by Meta alone.