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Our friends at Snigel initially delivered a dramatic increase in ad revenue as promised. And they kept going. Pitching new ideas, new networks, and new placements. When GDPR came along, they had solutions. When an algorithm changes, they ran A/B tests to see what would be the best. The people at Snigel will actually deliver.meexcel
— Bill Jelen, MrExcel.com

Company description

Founded in 2012 by former Google executives, Snigel is a leading monetisation partner for over 200 major websites worldwide. Snigel's core technology, AdEngine, leverages machine learning to match ads with impressions, delivering unparalleled results for publishers and advertisers. With a focus on innovation, Snigel offers AI-powered ad setup tools, automated UI customisation, robust analytics, and dedicated ad operations specialists to ensure compliance and optimal ad strategy.