• Progressing the Agency Trading Desk Model – What Does the Future Hold?

    How are agencies developing their trading models in an era whenever many in the industry assert that Facebook, Google, et al. have declared war on their earlier business models, and increasing numbers of client-side marketers are contemplating taking their programmatic media-buying in-house? In this video Marco Bertozzi, Vivaki, president, Audience On Demand, client services, EMEA, North America, and Brian Lesser, Xaxis, CEO, share insights on the approaches taken by their respective holding companies – Publicis Groupe and WPP – explaining how media [...]

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  • #TraderTalkTV: End-of-Year Review Part 2, Looking Forward to 2015

    In the second part of our TraderTalkTV special, we invite Caspar Schlickum, Zuzanna Gierlinska and Gareth Davies to roll out their predictions for 2015.

    We look at a number of subjects during this discussion. Some of the key take-aways include:

    – Closed ecosystems and who is best placed to execute on this? – Is a ‘data war’ inevitable, as Boris Mouzykantskii alluded to in his keynote at ATS London? – Agencies are heading into enterprise marketing; how will they build their proposition around this? – [...]

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  • #TraderTalkTV: Explains Programmatic TV Buying Execution

    ‘Programmatic TV’ is soon to become one of the buzz phrases of the ad tech industry, just as ‘cross-screen’, and ‘transparency’ are the de rigeur programmatic terms at present. But still, few people are actually aware of the intricacies of its execution, and potential. 

    In this episode of #TraderTalkTV Phil Duffield, SVP, international,, dispels some popular misnomers over both the term, and the possibilities the technology offers.

    Press play to see how he explains that programmatic TV buying is NOT A [...]

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  • #TraderTalkTV: IPONWEB'S Shane Shevlin Breaks Down The Mechanics Of A DMP & Outlines Use Cases

    2013 was the year of the “DMP” allegedly. There has been much written about the “DMP” and its importance in the programmatic buying over the last twelve months. Some have questioned the value of it as a standalone piece, Regardless of its misnomer as a platform or its perception as a point solution, the reality is that the “DMP” is becoming an important part of the stack for both marketers and agencies alike. Here Shane Shevlin, Director [...]

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  • #TraderTalkTV: Donald Hamilton Discusses Scale Around Data Targeting, And Why Publishers Should Work Together To Achieve Volume

    In this week’s #TraderTalkTV, Donald Hamilton, UK Managing Director at Zodiak Advertising, discusses the problems for publishers around scaling data targeting. He suggests individual publishers will not be able to compete with big scaled offerings – and so should look at co-oping data. Will publishers in the UK look at a similar model to La Place and Audience Square? Here Hamilton goes into detail as to how this approach might [...]

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  • #TraderTalkTV : eXelate's Alain Sanjaume on Connecting Online & Mobile Data for Multiscreen Targeting

    Straight from Paris, this week’s #TraderTalkTV sees Alain Sanjaume, Senior European Consultant at eXelate and speaker at next month’s ATS Paris, breaking down the use of third-party data across multiple screens, from the PC world to the mobile world. First, eXelate collects demographic & geo data, interest (content consumed), intent (to purchase) and branded data, from which they drop an anonymised cookie on the user. Multiscreen wants access to this type data beyond  the PC, however it’s tricky [...]

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  • #TraderTalkTV: Weborama's Mathieu Roche Explains the Processes Underlying Effective Data Management

    In this week’s #TraderTalkTV, Weborama’s Managing Director for the UK Mathieu Roche maps out how 1st and 3rd party data can be used in audience targeting. Using a recent case study with McKinsey, Roche goes into how they built the process, and how they applied concepts like the chi-squared test to the target a user population base to boost campaign performance for its telco advertiser partner.

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  • #TraderTalkTV: Jonathan Beeston, Director, New Product Innovation, EMEA, Maps Out the Adobe Marketing Tech Stack

    In this week’s #TraderTalkTV, Adobe’s Director of New Product Innovation for EMEA, Jonathan Beeston, breaks down where Adobe sits in the space. Specifically, its journey migrating from its established heritage on the creative suite side to monetising and managing creatives, led by strategic acquisitions. From over 20 offerings that it felt were confusing the market, Adobe has streamlined down to five solutions for simplicity: Analytics, Experience Manager, Target, Social and Media Optimiser.

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  • #TraderTalkTV: Visual IQ's Adit Abhyankar Explains How Attribution is Moving From Analytics to Operations

    In this week’s #TraderTalkTV, Visual IQ‘s Adit Abhyankar explains how the conversation around attribution is moving from analytics to operations. Visual IQ addresses the problem of attribution by looking at both direct and cross-channel, digital and offline. Adit breaks down how to action this data from a practitioner’s point of view, holistically, integrating both top-down and bottom-up attribution. Combining the standard, econometric approach with granular digital attribution leads to more informed scenario planning. [...]

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  • TraderTalk: The Rise Of Big Data In Digital Marketing

    This is a special TraderTalk on the rise of Big Data in digital advertising. This session is co-hosted by Paul Silver, Chief Strategy Officer, ExchangeWire and Kate Tickner, Digital Media Executive, EMEA at IBM Netezza.

    They talk to Ciaran McConaghy, Marketing Solutions Director at Fabric Worldwide and Dan de Sybel, Director of Technology and Operations at Infectious Media about [...]

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