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  • Rubicon Project CTO Tom Kershaw Discusses Identity Management

    In this episode of TraderTalk TV, Ciaran O’Kane, founder and CEO, ExchnageWire speaks with Tom Kershaw, CTO, Rubicon Project about the road to achieving a universal identifier in the digital advertising ecosystem.

    Kershaw discusses:

    – How identity is currently managed in the digital advertising ecosystem – How app developers and publishers can compete on a level playing field with the rest of the ecosystem – The reasons why the industry must move to a server-side solution – How the industry can achieve working towards a [...]

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  • Road to ATS London: Rainbow's James Collier Discusses Data & Identification

    In a series of videos charting the road to ExchangeWire’s flagship event, ATS London, ExchangeWire CEO Ciaran O’Kane catches up with some of the speakers, who will be on stage on 11 September to debate hard-hitting industry topics.

    James Collier, co-founder and CRO, Rainbow will be taking part in the panel session: How identification builds economic sustainability in digital advertising. Here, Collier chats with O’Kane about his point of view on identification and the topics he wants to cover [...]

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  • ATS NYC 2016 - The Rise of The Data-driven Publisher

    At ATS New York on 3 November, ExchangeWire’s CEO, Ciaran O’Kane moderated a panel discussion on the topic of the rise of the data-driven publisher between Sara Livingston, VP, Digital Strategy, Turner, Mike Finnegan, VP, Programmatic & Product Innovation, Live Nation Entertainment, and Felix Zeng, Director of Business Development – Programmatic Sales, The Weather Channel.

    The panel discussion covers:

    – The common data mistakes made by publishers

    – What skill sets publishers require to hone their data strategies

    – How publishers can work together to [...]

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  • ATS NYC 2016 - Can the Combination of Creative and Programmatic Yield Better Results for Marketers?

    At ATS New York on 3 November, ExchangeWire’s head of content, Lindsay Rowntree moderated a discussion between  Julian Baring, general manager – North America, Adform and Erica Schmidt, managing director, North America, Cadreon on the topic of creative and programmatic, asking whether combining creative and programmatic can yield better results for marketers.

    This panel discussion covers:

    – The true meaning of combining creative and programmatic – How connected creative and programmatic execution are currently – Where the sticking points currently lie and what’s stopping this from becoming a [...]

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  • ATS NYC 2016 - Keynote & Fireside Chat: IPONWEB: First-Party Machine Learning in Programmatic

    At ATS New York 2016, Nathan Woodman, general manager, Demand Solutions, IPONWEB delivered a keynote speech on the topic of first-party machine learning in programmatic, with a request to the industry: can we create a framework for ‘Open Machine Learning’?

    In this keynote presentation and fireside chat, You will hear from Woodman about the following:

    – The sheer growth of data in the digital industry and how businesses are coping with it

    – The increasingly prevalent role of machine learning

    – How brands building [...]

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  • Dr Boris Mouzykantskii, IPONWEB Delivers Keynote Speech at ATS London 2016

    The hotly anticipated keynote speech from Dr Boris Mouzykantskii, founder, CEO & chief scientist, IPONWEB, is here. At this year’s ATS London event, the keynote speech did not disappoint. Building from a complex start, with complicated formulae and an explanation of the functionality of machine learning, which left the packed venue in awe, Dr Boris crescendoed into how machine learning fits into the modern world, outlining mistakes that can be made, describing data science as the Cheshire Cat to [...]

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  • Kemp Little Consulting's James Leaton Gray on the EU GDPR

    The EU General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR), due to come into force in 2018, is taking up a lot of column inches at the moment, as businesses try to understand how it will impact them. The UK’s recent decision to leave the EU will have no bearing on the compliance of UK businesses with the EU GDPR. But, before all of that, why is the GDPR important, and how can businesses prepare themselves? ExchangeWire invite James Leaton Gray, associate, Kemp Little [...]

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  • How Programmatic & Branding Can Work Together

    Filmed at the Captify villa in Cannes, this special edition of TraderTalk TV features: Duncan Trigg, SVP advertising, comScore; Dominic Joseph, CEO, Captify; and Natalie Monbiot, SVP, managing partner, strategic innovation, UM. United as a panel, chaired by Ciaran O’Kane, CEO, ExchangeWire, the trio delve into the ways data-driven programmatic advertising is changing marketing forever.

    The Cannes Lions festival is all about creativity, traditionally not something that has been associated with programmatic targeting. However, a byproduct of programmatic campaigns is data, lots of [...]

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  • Weborama's Mathieu Roche on DMP Usage Across Europe

    Over the last five years DMPs have become a key layer of the advertising/marketing technology landscape. Earlier this year (April 2016) ExchangeWire Research, in association with Weborama published the first comprehensive report on the state of the DMP industry in Europe. In this edition of TraderTalk TV Weborama‘s Mathieu Roche and ExchangeWire’s Ciaran O’Kane discuss the key findings from the report and review the panel discussion about the research, held at ATS Paris 2016. Roche and O’Kane focus on:

    – The importance [...]

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  • Nate Woodman, GM, Demand Solutions at IPONWEB Discusses Incremental Lift & Demand Side Attribution

    Earlier this year at ATS NYC, Nate Woodman, GM, demand solutions at IPONWEB gave a fascinating keynote presentation in which he discussed: incremental lift and demand side attribution, a topic the industry flirts with but never really dives into. His goal was to plant a seed among the audience and prompt them to re-evaluate the disconnection between ad tech solutions and brand goals.

    IPONWEB have been around for around 15 years, they came to market after Google and before Facebook and [...]

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