Teads Arrives in Peru; Could Twitter Boost Activity During Carnival?

This week's Latin American Roundup brings the following stories: the video ad tech Teads announce an office in Peru, rolling out their expansion in South America with a local team in Lima; Twitter release numbers of interactions on their platform during Carnival in Brazil, with hopes to keep up with an increase in the activities during this year's holiday until Tuesday (February 28); and, finally, new digital agencies for the car manufacturer company JAC Motors and the home goods retailer Multicoisas.

Teads opens local office in Peru

Teads announced the roll out of their Latin American expansion with a new office in Peru, led by Joshua Cardenas, former Fox Latin American and RedMas. He is now business manager of Teads in Lima, whose main goal is to place the video ad platform in the local ad tech scene.

In the announcement, the company mentions recent eMarketer data, which estimates that Latin American digital ad revenues will surpass USD$100m (£80m) this year, and more than USD$130m (£104m) in the next two years. Teads have reported global revenues around USD$200m (£160m), mainly driven by an increased demand in Latin America. The value represents a 39% year-on-year growth.

“Teads already control the first four Latin American markets. After an extremely successful year, the Peru expansion is a natural move, once the country is among the six biggest markets in the region”, said Eric Tourtel, senior VP, Teads Latin America, in a statement.

Could Carnival boost Twitter activity in Brazil?

Interactions about Carnival on Twitter, in Brazil, went up by 43% between 2014 and 2016, according to the latest data released by the company. It was 11.7 million tweets, which grew by 24% between 2015 and last year — bringing hope to the microblog platform about the holiday in Brazil, which ends on Tuesday (February 28).

Last year, the most mentioned places were Rio de Janeiro (49%), followed by São Paulo (27%), and Salvador (19%). The main topics of the conversation were the samba schools parades (57%), the bank holiday (19%), and street carnival (19%), giving hint to advertisers about topics that might promote engagement in the network.

New digital accounts for ID\TBWA and Conversion

In the beginning of the year, some advertisers are still defining their digital agencies in Brazil. Earlier last week, the Latin American home goods retailer Multicoisas announced that the agency ID\TBWA is now in charge of their digital campaigns, working with digital marketing, mobile media, and social media communication.

The car manufacturer company JAC Motors have now joined the portfolio of Conversion agency, which will be fully responsible for social media and marketing campaigns. The first project is already underway: the launch of JAC's new T5 CVT car, which will be presented to the local market with a 100% digital campaign to introduce the new model to the Brazilian market.