New Primis Features Give Publishers More Control Over Video Playlists

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Video Discovery company Primis has launched a series of updates to their playlist features, designed to give publishers greater control over which video content they display.

These updates will allow publishers to play the video of their choosing that their users are most likely to engage with. Every video in the Primis Video Discovery platform is selected through a combination of contextual algorithms, past performance, and carefully curated playlists selected by either the publisher or a Primis content expert.

Additionally, Primis content experts are continuously creating and maintaining recommended playlists, which are available for use by all Primis publishers. There are over 80 of these recommended playlists, featuring the best and most engaging content Primis has to offer across 19 distinct categories, backed by data-driven decision making.

“Primis has always valued content as a central element in increasing user engagement and content consumption,” Said Omri Polak, head of content at Primis. “These new features allow publishers a new level of choice when it comes to the content they provide their readers.”

Whether publishers decide to customise their video playlists themselves or delegate to their publisher success executive at Primis, these new capabilities give publishers unprecedented control of their video content. They can customise their playlists to fit perfectly to each domain and take full advantage of Primis’ expansive video library, including syndicators like Reuters, Caters News Agency, Jukin Media, and more.

These updates include:

● Prioritisation of video content for playlists
● 80+ pre-made and continuously updated recommended playlists for business, sports, entertainment and 16 other verticals
● Discovery algorithm improvements
● Usage ratio meter in dashboard, allowing visibility into content breakdown
● More accessible menu and page structure
● Full customisation of content selection across extensive content library