Ogury Reports Accelerated Momentum with Premium Publishers on Mobile Web


Ogury, a global technology leader in mobile brand advertising, is proud to announce it is seeing strong momentum around its solution for web publishers, after six years of substantial growth and leadership in the app ecosystem, reaching 750M unique devices in 2020 across iOS and Android apps. Following a first quarter launch, Ogury has been continuously strengthening its portfolio of tier 1 publisher partnerships. Many of the world’s top publishers are using Ogury for access to premium demand, now across mobile web as well as in-app, including Besoccer, Cerise Media, Euronews, ET Net, Falke Media, HK 01*, IDG, NetAddiction, Netpoint, Planet Media, sgCarMart - SPH subsidiary, Sharejunction and Unify Group.

The company is a cross-environment mobile player with its exclusive, in-web Thumbnail Ad, a mobile-native, non-full screen format for performant video which gives access to 100% incremental revenue. Additionally, recent product enhancements, such as Personified Targeting, brings the company's unique, historical in-app audience data onto the mobile web, for highly relevant targeting, without the use of any personal identifiers. In a market where most publishers are looking to monetise an increasing number of consent-less impressions and with increasing pressure on GDPR and privacy enforcement, Ogury’s solution will continue to qualify 100% of their inventory, delivering premium and valuable demand to its publisher partners.

"We’re impressed with Ogury’s mobile web Thumbnail Ad. It’s created a new revenue stream for us and it is ephemeral, so users can continue to navigate our MWeb inventory." said David Nguyen, director programmatic & revenue partnerships at IDG

Ogury’s Thumbnail Ad is not only award-winning, but has also been recently certified by renowned industry organisations such as the IAB and the Coalition for Better Ads. Ogury was the first company to be certified for Open Measurement SDK for mobile web video by the IAB Tech Lab, and its entire portfolio has been certified under the Coalition’s Better Ads Experience Program, which aims to improve the online ad experience for consumers.

“We are excited to deliver the same premium demand in mobile web that we’ve become known for in app over the last six years,” said Benjamin Lanfry, VP, publisher partnerships at Ogury. “Our partners get access to our unique managed demand, amazing insights and innovative content discovery. As we continue to expand and grow, we look forward to onboarding even more tier 1 media companies at a rapid rate.”


Ogury, the Personified Advertising company, has created a breakthrough advertising engine that delivers comprehensive audience interest, brand performance, privacy protection and sustainability within one technology stack, built and optimized f...

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