Entravision 365 Digital Brings In-Game Advertising to More African Advertisers in Partnership with Anzu

Entravision 365 Digital, a leading African advertising solutions, media, and technology company, today (16th May 2022) announced that it has become the exclusive partner in Africa for Anzu.io, one of the world’s most advanced in-game advertising platforms. Entravision 365 Digital will exclusively represent Anzu in 14 markets across Africa, educating advertisers on the power of in-game advertising and enabling companies to leverage Anzu’s award-winning solution for advertisers, developers and players.

“Following the success of our partnership in South Africa, we are pleased to extend our exclusive representation with Anzu to the rest of Africa. The Anzu team and their solution have been making waves in the global markets and we’re thrilled to be taking this powerful platform to brands across the continent,” says Julian Jordaan, CEO of Entravision 365 Digital.

Anzu has reimagined in-game advertising and has made it more accessible than ever with groundbreaking technology. They’ve managed to answer some of the biggest challenges we are faced with as media owners; particularly around viewability measurement and access to audiences at scale. 

Today's marketer needs to be agile and adapt to new media channels and changing consumer behaviours to keep the brands they represent relevant. That translates to finding new, innovative ways to connect with people, make them fall in love with a brand, and move them through the sales funnel, turning awareness into purchases. Forward thinking brands are doing just that and rushing to get in on the action, and they are doing it with good reason. The gaming industry across Sub-Saharan Africa’s largest markets is now estimated to be worth USD$741m (£604.55m) by 2023, which is an increase of 14.5%. 

Stephanie Lublinski, head of partnerships, emerging markets at Anzu said: "We're thrilled to partner with Entravision 365 Digital to allow advertisers in Africa to take advantage of the huge opportunity that in-game advertising presents. Gaming, especially on mobile, has exploded in this region over the past few years, and with the continued uptake of smartphones and the increasing number of games being produced for them, this environment provides advertisers with a chance to reach a hugely diverse audience made up of people from all walks of life."

Entravision 365 Digital has been a long-term player in the gaming market in South Africa and remains at the forefront of gaming advancements. Teaming up with Anzu they have helped brands like Tinkies, Samsung, Audi, BMW, Heineken, and Telkom to reach their audiences through native, non-disruptive ads that seamlessly blend into the gameplay experience. 

Extending the partnership into the rest of Africa means advertisers in the region can now reach this engaged and growing audience to drive positive business impact.  

Find more information on Entravision’s mobile gaming advertising solutions here