Google Integrates with Lotame’s Panorama ID for Data-Rich Addressability

Lotame, the only flexible data solutions provider to future-proof connectivity and drive performance across all screens, has announced that Google has authorised use of the Lotame Panorama ID within its supply-side platform (SSP).


With these integrations and multiple data partners supporting the Panorama ID, Lotame extends its cookieless data connectivity capabilities for marketers and publishers to 41 SSPs including leaders OpenX, PubMatic, Sovrn and Smart AdServer, and Sharethrough.


Launched in late 2020, Panorama ID is the first global, people-based, privacy-forward and interoperable identity solution for the cookieless open web. The unique identifier has seen tremendous growth in adoption during the past 12 months among publishers and across the digital media industry. That publisher adoption is critical and required for campaigns to be targeted at scale. As of April 2022, the Panorama ID is now the second most adopted cookieless ID solution in the world, deployed by more than 18,000 publishers globally.

Google has authorised the use of Panorama ID within its Encrypted Signals for Publishers (ESP) across Google Ad Manager (GAM). Through this integration, publishers are able to pass encrypted first-party signals via Panorama ID in the bid stream to SSP and demand-side platform (DSP) partners. Beta testing began in April 2022.


“Panorama ID continues to unlock new opportunities to reach addressable audiences on cookieless browsers like Safari and Firefox, adequately equipping brands and publishers with a global, privacy-compliant and interoperable identifier to power their advertising,” said Pierre Diennet, head of global partnerships. “By partnering with the most widely adopted media platforms, we’re making significant headway on the industry’s collective mission to provide an identity solution that improves the ecosystem for all.


Panorama ID is the only enriched global identity solution, helping increase publisher inventory value and enable advertisers to target first- and third-party audience data on 'cookieless' inventory at scale. With access to previously invisible audiences across browsers, publishers using these SSPs can get a head start on cookieless identity solutions, and will be protected once third-party cookies completely exit the ecosystem.


Google Ad Manager joins more than existing 100 ad tech platforms in which the ID is actionable, including DV360, The Trade Desk, Xandr, and more, with both direct and indirect DSP and SSP integrations. With hundreds of campaigns in markets around the world, Panorama ID is driving industry-leading results for publishers and marketers across multiple campaign set ups:


  • Publisher direct – 9.43X lift in CTR (Dr. Martens)
  • SSP direct – 8X CPM for publishers (Advance Local)
  • DSP direct – 2.5X more efficient delivery (global financial brand)
  • Tw0-times more cost-efficient engagement (global luxury auto brand)
  • Three-times impression lift across all browsers for Amnet KSA


To learn more about how Lotame Panorama ID builds a connected digital advertising ecosystem for all, click here. View case studies in North America, EMEA and, LATAM here.


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