Adverty Launches Industry-first Streaming Video Technology for In-Play™ Ads


Adverty AB today (July 14th, 2022) unveils a global partnership with Swedish technology company SeenThis; the partnership enables streamed video advertising to be delivered into live-gaming environments for the first time.

The groundbreaking collaboration will allow advertisers to stream video creative programmatically through their preferred DSPs into Adverty’s gaming inventory of IAB standard display banners, setting a new standard for immersive, smooth, high-quality, in-game video advertising.

Demand for video advertising formats shows no sign of abating. In the USA alone, digital video advertising spend surged 49% in 2021 and is expected to reach nearly USD $50bn (£42.2bn) this year, with other markets seeing growth on a similar scale.

By streaming rather than using traditional technology, Adverty and SeenThis create lightweight, crystal-clear video advertising placements in contextually appropriate positions through In-Play™ ads - from billboards to bus shelters - within a wide range of games, driving optimal engagement and performance.

Jonas Söderqvist, CEO at Adverty comments: “At a time when programmatic video advertising continues to explode, we are delighted to announce our global partnership with SeenThis to bring video ads to in-game advertising. This industry-first streaming solution is incredibly data-light and allows short, snappy content to be shared with ultimate flexibility. This adds significantly to the immersive quality of our leading in-game environments, with smooth, high-quality, fast-rendering video ad units now available across all our formats.”

Jesper Benon, CEO at SeenThis, adds: “Through our streaming technology, we’re speeding up and evolving the digital media landscape to set a new standard for content delivery online. SeenThis’s groundbreaking screen experience enables advertisers to stream high-quality video creative in display across the programmatic ecosystem - at speed and at scale - thereby delivering highly engaging experiences. This marks the first time that SeenThis streaming video is used in-game and we are delighted to see Adverty's ad platform fully supporting our state-of-art video technology.”

This new format will allow brands investing in video to place short-form videos of between six and 15 seconds, as seen on platforms such as TikTok, Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube, into games where they find captive, engaged, and often hard-to-reach audiences. With over 3 billion gamers worldwide, more and more brands are opting to implement in-game advertising - with increasingly sophisticated ads yielding impressive results at a time when such opportunities are coming to be regarded as central for future innovations within the Metaverse.

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