Broadsign Extends Programmatic Ecosystem with Broadsign Reach Header Bidder


Broadsign, the leading out-of-home (OOH) advertising platform, today (July 19th, 2022) released Broadsign Reach Header Bidder, a solution for Broadsign Reach users that enables media owners to consolidate and manage programmatic bids from multiple third-party supply-side-platforms (SSPs).

Rather than the current practice of reserving a one-to-one slot for each SSP partner, the solution enables a one-to-many approach that allows media owners to simplify ad operations, maximise yield value, and increase fill rates regardless of the SSP handling the transaction.

Broadsign Reach Header Bidder arrives as more media owners are increasingly working with multiple SSPs -- typically reserving a separate HTML wrapper or container in an ad loop for each, which reduces the overall yield on the available inventory across all channels. The new solution provides an alternative, streamlined approach, combining pDOOH demand from multiple SSPs into one slot in the ad loop and choosing the winning bid to play based on Broadsign’s fair play auction logic. Native integration with Broadsign Control also translates to a smoother, more immersive ad viewing experience for audiences, with media owner access to features like gapless playback, screen synchronisation, preemptible campaigns, and pre-caching for faster ad loading and optimisation.  

As part of a closed beta programme, several OOH media owners spanning North America, Europe, and Australia have already begun to leverage Broadsign Reach Header Bidder to streamline programmatic transactions, including early adopter and leading Australian DOOH operator QMS. “The Broadsign Reach Header Bidder is a big step in the right direction. pDOOH continues to be an enhancer to OOH and with its ongoing growth and demand from existing and new spenders in the category, this solution helps our business continue to focus on delivering client campaigns with precision, context, and impact,” shared David Sutherland, QMS general manager of Programmatic.

“Continued programmatic DOOH growth is essential to the future of OOH but requires industry-wide collaboration and innovation. The Broadsign Reach Header Bidder aligns with our mission of making it easy for media owners to tap into all available revenue streams, even if from a different platform,” shared Edith Gagne, vice president, programmatic success, Broadsign. “Consolidating programmatic demand from multiple SSPs into one environment will drive increased efficiency and optimised yield management, helping to fuel programmatic DOOH momentum overall.” 



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