New Zealand to Make Tech Platforms Pay for News; OpenAI Chatbot Impresses with Writing Skills

In today's ExchangeWire news digest: New Zealand reveals plans to make tech companies pay for news; OpenAI's latest chatbot impresses academics with its writing capability; and Indonesia's Fairatmos raises USD$4.5m (~£3.65m) in funding.

Google, Facebook to pay for news content in New Zealand

New Zealand has announced that tech companies will be required to pay publishers for news content. The move is the latest development in a global debate over whether companies such as Facebook and Google unfairly benefit from news being shared on their platforms.

Willie Jackson, New Zealand’s broadcasting minister, stated, "It costs to produce the news and it’s only fair [tech companies] pay." The country is set to introduce legislation similar to recent laws in Australia and Canada, and is intended to encourage partnerships between tech companies and local news organisations.

ChatGPT stuns with writing capabilities and more

The latest chatbot released by OpenAI has displayed impressive writing abilities, competence at completing complex tasks, and ease of use.

According to the Elon Musk-founded firm, the ChatGPT was developed with ease of use as a priority. The company stated, “The dialogue format makes it possible for ChatGPT to answer follow-up questions, admit its mistakes, challenge incorrect premises, and reject inappropriate requests.”

Greentech firm Fairatmos raises USD$4.5m

Indonesia-based greentech firm Fairatmos has garnered USD$4.5m(~£3.65m) in a seed funding round. Led by GoTo Group and Kreasi Terbarukan TBS-backed Go-Ventures, the round also featured participation from Vertex Ventures Southeast Asia and India.

Founded by Natalia Hucky, former chief strategy and social impact officer at TaniHub, Fairatmos aspires to help companies reduce their impact on the environment via carbon calculators, a carbon credit marketplace, and access to expert assistance. The company states it has worked with over 40 project developers handling carbon sequestration efforts in Indonesia since it launched earlier this year.

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Fact of the Day

~USD$20bn (~£16,2bn) - the valuation of OpenAI, as of October 2022.

Source: Silicon Angle

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