Heineken Develops its First Globally-Tested Attention Measurement Campaign in Partnership with Teads and Dentsu


Teads, the global media platform, in partnership with Heineken and dentsu, today (7th December) announced findings from Heineken’s first-ever globally-tested attention measurement campaign surrounding its official sponsorship at the renowned Rock in Rio 2022 music festival.

Implemented in Brazil, the campaign’s APM (Average Attention per 1,000 impressions measured in seconds) was found to be five times higher and view rate was two times higher (66%) than Lumen’s benchmark on digital campaigns. Heineken also achieved the highest level of brand recall among festival sponsors.

Teads measured campaign performance using Lumen´s Research LAMP program, a predictive Attention methodology developed and based on the knowledge of human behavior in a digital environment. Heineken’s campaign exceeded Lumen LAMP benchmarks in all metrics. The results confirm the findings from dentsu's Attention Economy, whereby viewability, when analyzed individually, is not enough to predict advertising effectiveness with certain factors such as format size, length, and page position affecting campaign results. The attention metric allows brands to be three times more effective at predicting media outcomes than viewability, which is imperative across Latin America where almost 30 billion dollars(1) were invested in buying media in 2021.

Fernanda Saboya, director of consumer connections at Heineken Brazil, said: “The model surprised us with better-than-expected results. We decided to develop this campaign focused on Attention metrics because, compared to previous measurements, it offers a more qualified vision of impact. In an environment where people dedicate less than 10 minutes of their attention each day to advertising, we need to find other ways to evaluate engagement. By surpassing expectations, results show we are on the right path to creating more assertive campaigns that capture attention in a much more effective way.”

Caroline Bassi, executive business director at dentsu/iProspect, added: “The Attention Economy initiative is key for dentsu at a global level, and it’s innovative for the media industry. We are beginning to see the opportunity to measure at scale. As the understanding of campaign measurement becomes more sophisticated, the entire industry benefits.”

Cau Stéfani, research & insights manager at Teads Latin America, added: "Heineken’s pioneering spirit by measuring a campaign like this one in terms of Attention is an excellent opportunity for the market to evaluate its media results in a more realistic way. Studies carried out globally by Teads show clear indicators that the quality of attention an ad receives is a factor to be considered in the results. As we create models to measure attention, concerns like quality of the content, experience, and respect for the user become more important.”

(1) Source: eMarketer


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