AlgoriX Joins IAB Europe's Transparency & Consent Framework

AlgoriX, an independent global media and technology company, officially announces today (February 21st, 2023) their approved status as the latest vendor to join IAB Europe’s Transparency and Consent Framework (TCF). This endeavour is part of the company's plan to further expand its presence in the European market and its commitment to global privacy and market transparency.

To help all parties in the digital advertising chain comply with the EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and ePrivacy directive, IAB Europe, the premiere European-level association for the digital marketing and advertising ecosystem, launched the Transparency and Consent Framework. This framework gives consumers transparency in the processing of their personal data and allows them to express choices. It also lets vendors engaged in programmatic advertising know ahead of time whether their own and/or their partners’ transparency and consent status allow them to lawfully process personal data for online advertising and related purposes. 

"This year, AlgoriX is set to further bolster our presence in Europe," comments Frederic Liow, AlgoriX SVP for revenue growth and strategy. "As an official TCF member, we'll be able to expand our business and allow our partners to tap into more opportunities, all while ensuring compliance with local laws and regulations." 

More importantly, by becoming an official TCF member, AlgoriX stays true to its commitment towards safeguarding consumer privacy and pushing for market transparency. Frederic Liow adds, "Since the company's inception, we've advocated for quality and transparency above all. That's why we're happy to evolve with the market and adopt stricter regulations because these ultimately contribute to a safer and better ad tech space." 


AlgoriX is an independent global media and technology company. Backed by investments from top international venture capitalists, its core team is equipped with years of experience from global leading internet and ad tech companies. Through our team...
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