DoubleVerify Partners With Samsung Ads Europe to Extend Media Quality Verification


DoubleVerify, a leading software platform for digital media measurement, data, and analytics, today (February 28th, 2023) announced its partnership with Samsung Ads Europe. This partnership will provide advertisers across Samsung’s 50 million Smart TVs in Europe with solutions to help them verify the quality of their video and CTV campaigns via DV Video Complete. 

DV Video Complete is a multi-pronged solution that provides advertisers with comprehensive measurement and protection that empowers advertisers to monitor and optimise their video campaigns. In turn, advertisers can measure whether their ads have the opportunity to be seen, by real people, in a brand-suitable environment, in the intended geography – across all environments, including CTV.

Through DV Video Complete, Samsung Ads advertisers will get access to the most comprehensive and scalable CTV verification solution. DV Video Complete is enabled by the DV Video OmniTag, allowing Samsung Ads advertisers, who run on inventory from Samsung Ads Europe, to utilise a single VAST tag across all environments.

“Samsung Ads Europe is thrilled to partner with DoubleVerify to bring a new level of media quality measurement and control to CTV advertising. CTV offers addressable opportunities for advertisers to reach consumers with new experiences on the biggest screen in the home. This partnership allows advertisers to unlock those opportunities with confidence, knowing that their investment has best-in-class measurement and protection across fraud, brand suitability, viewability and geo,” says Alex Hole, VP and GM at Samsung Electronics Europe. 

“We’re extremely proud to be partnering with Samsung Ads Europe, one of the largest video and CTV platforms in Europe. As a global leader in CTV verification, we recognise that authenticating media quality and strengthening brand protection is essential to maintaining advertiser trust. With our market-leading suite of tools, advertisers will be able to maximise the value of their CTV inventory and improve their return on investment,” adds Nick Reid, managing director, EMEA at DoubleVerify. 

The DV Video Complete suite of solutions is now available to all Samsung Ad Europe advertisers using the DV Video OmniTag. 


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