Smile Wanted Marketplace Signs with IAS for Brandsafety

In an advertising market moving towards cookieless, Smile Wanted has decided to enter into a partnership with IAS

IAS's "brand safety" and "brand suitability" algorithms strengthen Smile Wanted's proprietary technology: the "SW Filter". 

The "SW Filter" is founded on 3 technological fundamentals: contextual with more than 3000 property segments; ergonomy with guaranteed viewability, and optimal attention; performance predictions with a proprietary AI.

Reminder, Smile Wanted is directly connected to more than 5000 premium domains in France  and abroad, which makes it the 1st independant and cookieless market place in Europe. It  stands out for its exclusive and qualitative inventory in video, display, and native. 

Founded in 2009 and based in New York, Integral Ad Science (IAS) is a global leader in digital  media quality. IAS ensures every impression count, making sure ads are seen by real people in  safe and appropriate environments, activating contextual targeting and optimising the supply  path. Through the partnership, Smile Wanted will first use IAS' post-bid measurement to monitor that  brand campaign delivery is always done in a safe and protected brand environment.