Beyond Viewability: Ogury Launches Cutting-Edge Attention Measurement Capabilities

Ogury, the global leader in personified advertising, today (June 1st, 2023) unveiled new capabilities providing brands and agencies with attention measurement metrics at the campaign level, through integrations with attention economy leaders Adelaide Metrics and Lumen Research.

Attention is the evolution of viewability, going further to determine an ad’s ability to drive impact and memorability. A recent global study shows that 57% of respondents believe attention gives a more complete view of engagement when it comes to advertising campaigns. But while the attention a user is giving an ad has become a key concern for the industry, there is no standard definition for it or a universal methodology to measure it. The same study effectively highlights that, while the majority of advertisers are familiar with attention measurement, only 47% of them use it to evaluate campaign performance. 

As a result, Ogury now provides brands and agencies with the most advanced attention measurement tools currently available at the campaign level. 

Ogury’s Personified Advertising technology targets personas instead of individuals, to generate the highest level of attention. In a cookieless world, targeting the right audience is the starting point of any performance measurement, and this is the foundation of every campaign delivered by Ogury. Moreover, the company’s creative team works closely with advertisers, enabling them to reach the intended personas across web and in-app environments, with innovative and highly performing formats. 

Ogury is launching a series of direct integrations with companies specialised in attention measurement. With Adelaide Metrics and Lumen Research as its first partners, the company provides its clients with attention metrics across the globe.

Lumen Research combines state-of-the-art eye tracking technology - deployed on the largest attention panel in the world - with advanced machine learning to create a formula to measure attention. 

Adelaide Metrics uses advanced machine learning to score media’s probability of attention and outcomes on a 0-100 scale of AU – its omnichannel metric and the only attention metric that incorporates business outcomes into its model. It is calculated using hundreds of quality signals, like ad size, coverage, clutter, in-view duration, and full-funnel outcome data. 

These integrations enable advertisers to have their campaigns measured and verified by highly respected attention measurement specialists to validate their performance and the ad message’s memorability. Brands and agencies working with Ogury are given the option to choose which of these two specialists to run their campaigns with, measuring their performance in a transparent and accountable way.

“It goes without saying that attention has become a buzzword,” said Christophe Bize, chief data officer, Ogury. “But while everybody talks about it, very few actually know how to measure it. In truth, it almost feels like a new attention solution or programme sprouts up each month. Because of this, partnering with established experts such as Adelaide Metrics and Lumen Research, which can provide worldwide attention measurement, and at scale, is undoubtedly the name of the game. The performance results of our test campaigns have consistently exceeded these specialists’ benchmarks, confirming that Ogury's targeting and creative capabilities inherently drive higher levels of attention.”

"Working with Ogury, we've been able to create a format-specific model of attention that truly represents not only how eye-catching Ogury formats are, but how they hold attention for longer. We know that the length of time that people spend looking at ads is a key determinant of success, and we're pleased to accurately represent this within the Ogury-specific models." Mike Follett, managing director, Lumen Research.

“Attention metrics offer a more precise and nuanced view of media quality compared to traditional metrics, with their most significant differentiator being a proven connection to business outcomes. This is why outcome data is crucial to our AU model,” said Marc Guldimann, CEO & founder of Adelaide Metrics. “We’re excited to partner with Ogury to help advertisers measure media quality in the context of their KPIs and uncover opportunities to drive more efficient outcomes using AU.”


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