The Stack: Big Tech & Publishers Discuss Content Deals for AI; Twitter to Focus on Video, Commerce

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This week: tech giants discuss landmark content deals with publishers, Twitter revamp focuses on video and commerce...

A week of shake-ups and show downs began with reports that Google, Microsoft, Adobe, and OpenAI are talking with media outlets to secure landmark deals over the use of news content to train AI systems. Meanwhile, tech titan Alibaba undertook its biggest reshuffle to date, removing Daniel Zhang as chairman and CEO.

There were a couple of noteworthy revamps in the world of social media too, with TikTok renewing efforts to break into the online shopping space. Twitter also announced a change of direction, with the microblogging site shifting its focus onto video content and commerce (although these strategic changes may have to wait until after Elon Musk's cage fight with Meta's Mark Zuckerberg...)

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