AlgoriX Works with Prebid.org to Accelerate Prebid Adoption in APAC & Launch AlgoriX SDK

AlgoriX is working with Prebid.org to boost Prebid adoption in the Asia-Pacific region while also launching the AlgoriX SDK based on Prebid’s mobile solution. As the sole Asian company in Prebid's global task force, AlgoriX is leveraging its mobile advertising expertise to support Prebid.org in further developing its Prebid solution for app developers while also promoting Prebid adoption as the standard.

Prebid.org is the leading open-source programmatic software solution for publishers and ad tech companies, focused on fostering collaboration, trust, and transparency across the industry with a goal of accelerating adoption in the APAC region. One of Prebid’s core products is a free, open-source header bidding solution, that enables developers to move beyond traditional waterfall methods and gain simultaneous access to hundreds of demand partners worldwide. With its tailored product suite, developers can take greater control over inventory and pricing, maximising revenue, and ensuring brand safety.

With its membership to Prebid, AlgoriX is working with Prebid to increase its membership among APAC ad tech companies while simultaneously launching its own SDK solution.

Introducing the AlgoriX SDK - As the mobile and in-app advertising market continues to flourish, Prebid.org is focused on evolving its mobile and, specifically, in-app capabilities. To support this mission, AlgoriX leverages its extensive experience in mobile and in-app advertising to optimise existing technology for these platforms. Specifically, the AlgoriX SDK is built on top of Prebid mobile, a lightweight and open-source SDK that empowers developers to move beyond the traditional waterfall approach. By incorporating the latest features for optimal monetisation performance, the AlgoriX SDK provides a clear advantage for developers seeking to succeed in the mobile and in-app advertising space. These include:

  • SKAN 4.0 support to help developers gain a greater share of iOS advertising budgets, while also providing advertisers with an enhanced granular attribution in a post-ATT era
  • Multi-ad format support to reduce internet bandwidth consumption while increasing fill rates
  • Control settings for developers to fine-tune ad rendering experience for video interstitial ads
  • Coupling with AlgoriX's cloud-based SaaS solution to minimize the amount of coding needed for developers to deploy their own & operated header bidding solution

Launching a global task force - Recently, Prebid launched its global task force, which includes representatives from across the industry, including developers, demand-side platforms, and supply-side platforms. AlgoriX is honoured to be part of this task force, which aims to ensure that Prebid meets the changing needs of developers and advertisers worldwide.

"We are thrilled to join forces with Prebid.org to accelerate the adoption of Prebid worldwide," said Frederic Liow, AlgoriX SVP for revenue growth & strategy. "Through this, we hope to leverage our mobile advertising expertise to drive further innovation and fairness in the industry. By providing a level playing field for all buyers, we enable fair competition for developers' inventories, resulting in maximum ROI for all. Ultimately, this partnership will drive genuine revenue growth for developers."

Prebid.org president Mike Racic adds, "Prebid is committed to providing developers with the best header bidding technology available. AlgoriX's extensive experience in APAC's in-app programmatic advertising space makes them an excellent partner to help us expand Prebid's global reach and support developers' needs."

In line with this, Prebid is hosting its first global summit in New York City on October 23, 2023 to provide attendees an opportunity to learn more about the latest developments in header bidding technology and network with industry leaders. 

By partnering with Prebid.org, AlgoriX is helping its clients stay ahead of the curve in programmatic advertising optimisation and maximise their revenue potential. To learn more about how to be part of our global task force, reach out to membership@prebid.org


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