Playground xyz’s Solution on YouTube Makes it Easy for Brands to PinPoint Efficiency Hurdles & Drive Attention in Real-Time

Attention measurement and optimisation provider, Playground xyz Attention Intelligence Solution (AIP) announced today (July 24th, 2023), its actionable attention solution on YouTube, as well as unveiling new insights on how advertisers can garner the most attention for their Youtube ad campaigns.  

“Optimisation is the key to driving attention and campaign effectiveness. With actionable attention insights, brands are able to pinpoint factors that are detracting from campaign success and quickly understand how to coarse-correct,” said Rob Hall, Playground xyz, CEO. “Advertising is a huge opportunity on Youtube and we are excited to help brands learn more about their campaigns in order to drive attention and connection with audiences.”

The launch follows successful trials with a number of blue-chip advertisers who used automated reporting to uncover a wealth of insights regarding campaign performance. A few examples include: 

  • A large sports wagering brand saw the attention received by bumper ads drop by over 30% as the campaign elapsed, pointing to creative burnout. 
  • A leading subscription meals brand saw attention on their ads was 25% higher in the mornings than the evenings, yet impressions were being delivered mostly at night. 
  • And a leading financial services brand was able to calculate how much their cost per attentive completed view was across various formats and found one strategy to be 5x more effective for them.

“There is a lot to learn about attention within social environments and that starts with technology that can adapt to the unique consumer behaviours within each platform and help advertisers easily optimise each campaign to be where attention is highest. Our attention offering on YouTube is just the beginning of more exciting social capabilities to come,” Rob Hall continued to share. 

Through this new solution, Playground xyz AIP reviewed YouTube impressions for attention time, AIP’s metric which evaluates ads for the length of time in seconds an ad is actually looked at. The data revealed that YouTube bumper ads, despite being shorter in length, see consumers watching 45% of the ad, 20% more than skippable ads and YouTube ads between 10 and 15 seconds garner the greatest levels of attention time, approximately 23% more than other ad durations.

AIP is the world’s first tech stack built to make attention actionable. Trained and verified by real eye-tracking data from an opt-in panel, it supercharges that data via advanced AI models to measure attention at scale. AIP’s YouTube attention measurement takes that capability and applies it to live YouTube campaigns, analysing each individual DV360/CM360 record to accurately score attention time across the campaign.