Nexxen's Josif Zanich on Notable Ad Tech Trends in the APAC Region

Dynamic, unique, and going through a period of immense growth, we’ve got our eye on ad tech trends shaping a region renowned for its affinity towards the innovative. We caught up with Josif Zanich, managing director APAC, Nexxen, ahead of his appearance at ATS Singapore 2023, to gain insight into what he sees as some of the biggest opportunities in APAC, as well as some of the challenges that are facing the industry.

What are the main challenges and opportunities you've encountered in the APAC region? 
Josif Zanich, MD APAC, Nexxen

The biggest opportunity right now is taking our customers on the journey with us as a combined technology stack. As we have two brands (Amobee / Unruly) coming together, each respective brand typically works on either side of the supply chain. The additional value for both advertiser and publisher alike is immense.  

I believe the biggest challenge for most businesses is making sure we don’t take a one-size-fits-all approach to our offering. Each market across APAC has its own very specific nuances, so, we need to make sure we account for and adjust our approach to suit. 

What are ad tech's key trends and challenges you observe in the Southeast Asian market? 

Mobile First – SEA is a rapidly growing mobile user base, and mobile devices are the primary means of internet access for many people in the region. Video consumption also continues to increase in this region, giving rise to additional opportunities for advertisers. Advertisers and marketers are leaning into this, and increasingly adopting a mobile-first & video strategy approach to reach and engage with their target audience.

Second measurement and attribution of digital advertising remains to be both a challenge and an opportunity. Helping brands with measurement and attribution outside of the norm is becoming an ever-growing consideration for brands.  

The ad tech landscape is constantly evolving - how do you stay ahead?

Similar to my first answer, each market has its nuances so taking a one-size-fits-all approach isn’t recommended. We are fortunate that we belong to local advertising bodies, plus feedback from our local teams allows us to stay ahead of the curve in relation to all things data and compliance.  

Looking ahead, what do you envision as the biggest trends or disruptions that will impact the industry in the coming years? 

The four main disruptors and trends in the industry will be cookieless advertising and identity; contextual advertising; privacy regulations; and, connected TV. 

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