Connatix Releases New State of Video Report 

Connatix, the leading video technology company for premium publishers and advertisers, released a new state of video report – a comprehensive look at consumer viewing preferences related to online video and video advertising across publishers

The report, titled, Consumers are Watching; Here’s How They Want Their Video Ads, surveyed 1,000 US consumers aged 18 and older to understand what type of videos they want to see from publishers, how viewers want to be exposed to video ads, and how contextual alignment impacts ad engagement. The report findings provide actionable insights for publishers and advertisers aiming to effectively tailor their video strategies and reach diverse audience segments.

Overall, the report found that consumers are willing to participate in a clear value exchange; despite the industry’s ongoing concerns around privacy and ad fatigue, consumers are watching video ads and they are willing to exchange data for access to video content. In addition, and despite assumptions that social media is the only destination for online video, the research reveals that publishers account for a large portion of video viewing and purchasing.  

Key Takeaways: 

Consumers are watching video and video ads: Seventy-five percent of those surveyed made at least one purchase as a result of watching a video ad within the last year. 

While social remains a video destination, more consumers are turning to publishers for video content: While social channels remain a top destination for video viewing, publisher websites and their related tablet and mobile apps also attract strong audiences. Sixty-eight percent of consumers report visiting three or fewer channels to consume video content, indicating that publishers have an opportunity to keep viewers onsite longer with engaging experiences. 

Contextual alignment can increase engagement: As we continue to see the deprecation of the third- party cookie, cookieless solutions like contextual targeting are on the rise. Eighty-three percent of respondents prefer to see ads online that are related to their personal interests, and 82% notice when an ad is related to the content of the video they are watching. 

"By understanding how and what viewers want to consume, publishers and advertisers can deliver the types of video content that engages consumers and drives real value for all parties,” said Jenn Chen, CRO and president of Connatix. “Knowing that most consumers prefer to see ads related to their interests, and that consumers are more likely to watch ads that are about topics they just consumed can help publishers and advertisers supercharge their video content strategies. Our hope is that this report will empower the buy and sell sides with the insights they need to tap into the power of online video.”

To view the report here.


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