Cedara Debuts Industry-First Corporate Sustainability Measurement Solution

Cedara, the carbon intelligence platform, unveils its first corporate sustainability report case study for Yieldmo, one of the world’s leading ad exchanges, to showcase its carbon footprint along with strategies aimed at reducing overall emissions to net zero. In parallel, Yieldmo will be leveraging Cedara’s transparent self-serve Offset Marketplace to build custom portfolios of high-innovation carbon removal projects in order to compensate for emissions from their corporate and media activity. 

Corporate sustainability measurement has long been out of reach for most businesses due to being cost prohibitive, as well as requiring highly manually intensive processes. Through Cedara’s proprietary carbon modelling and industry reporting technology, Yieldmo was able to easily measure their Scope 1-3 emissions. Understanding that transparency is critical for the media industry to decarbonise, Cedara and Yieldmo jointly released a case study detailing their 2022 corporate emissions, including those from their digital ad operations - an industry first.

Some key highlights from the Yieldmo case study include:

  • GHG emissions: 99% arising from Scope 3 activities associated with operating their ad exchange
  • Scope 2 emissions were effectively zero due to being a fully remote business
  • Cloud-based data centers: Exchange running entirely on cloud-based infrastructure, which leverages renewable energy sources and certificates 
  • Full transparency into campaign-delivery emissions: 95% of emissions stem from campaign delivery, primarily arising at the publisher-level

Based on Cedara’s findings and platform capabilities, Yieldmo has identified immediate opportunities to reduce emissions including maintaining direct publisher partnerships, working with publishers on emissions transparency, and developing a sustainable supply path.

"As we announced our commitment to reduce our carbon emissions earlier this year, we are proud to build on our partnership with Cedara and provide transparency on our efforts to support media sustainability," said Teddy Jawde, chief product officer & co-founder of Yieldmo. "Cedara’s continuing platform innovation also allows us to meet the environmental objectives of our brand and agency partners."

"We are excited about Yieldmo becoming the first ad platform to publicly make their detailed corporate emissions data available to the media industry,” said David Shaw, CEO of Cedara. "Our collaboration with Yieldmo, and their clients, reveals that companies in the media ecosystem can seamlessly measure their carbon footprint and take immediate action through scalable, automated processes."


Cedara, the carbon intelligence platform, is on a mission to help businesses decarbonise and to build a more sustainable future for society. Through its comprehensive product suite, Cedara maps the carbon intensity across supply chains to empower inv...
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