Sharethrough Launches ‘Net Zero Publisher Programme’ with Support from IPG Mediabrands

Sharethrough, one of the top global independent omnichannel ad exchanges,  announced the launch of the Net Zero Publisher Programme. Developed in partnership with measurement company 51toCarbonZero (51-0), this unique initiative aims to help publishers gain an accurate understanding of their carbon footprint, allowing them to set net-zero targets and take tangible actions that will have a positive impact on the digital media industry.

For publishers who choose to participate in the programme, Sharethrough will cover measurement costs for the first year, in alignment with Ad Net Zero’s measurement methodology recommendations. In addition, 51-0 will provide tailored measurement and guidance on effective actions towards Science Based Target (SBTi) approval and net-zero commitment. Publishers committed to measure and eventually achieve net-zero emissions will also have the ability to join Sharethrough’s Path to Net-Zero Marketplace, which will allow advertisers to prioritise spend on sites certified to be working towards net-zero emissions. These publishers will benefit from free measurement for the first year and better positioning among media agencies and brands, ultimately providing the opportunity for more advertising revenue. IPG Mediabrands is one of the early endorsers of the programme.

“IPG Mediabrands is proud to be an anchor partner in Sharethrough’s latest initiative, bringing more awareness and improved sustainable solutions to the entire digital advertising and media ecosystem,” said Martin Bryan, global chief sustainability officer of IPG Mediabrands. “At IPG Mediabrands, we’re committed to improving the sustainability of advertising and supporting the Net Zero Publisher Programme which helps accelerate the availability of SBTi-approved media inventory by 2025. We’re proud to recognise Sharethrough as the go-to advertising exchange helping publishers, agencies, and brands alike achieve this goal.”

Over the last 18 months, more and more brands have asked agencies and media partners to aid their efforts in achieving net-zero goals. But while brands, agencies, and other ad tech players have launched strong sustainability initiatives, publishers have been falling behind, mainly due to lack of opportunities and economic pressures. Sharethrough hopes the Net Zero Publisher Programme will allow publishers to better grasp their carbon footprint which will in turn help advertisers achieve their sustainability goals.

“Sharethrough’s Net Zero Publisher Programme aligns perfectly with our goals of building a cleaner, more sustainable advertising ecosystem,” said Ben Skinazi, chief marketing officer at Sharethrough. “The programme creates a turnkey way for publishers to set and achieve net-zero carbon emissions, without initial measurement costs, which will have a lasting impact on the larger industry as well as our bottom line.”

“Our data shows that six out of ten U.S. internet users are more inclined to visit websites that are certified sustainable,” said JF Cote, CEO of Sharethrough. “The Net Zero Publisher Programme allows publishers the opportunity to achieve that certification in a cost-effective, third-party validated way. The Net Zero Publisher Programme is another strategic addition to our offerings, and represents our commitment to taking tangible actions to help publishers and the overall advertising industry understand and mitigate the impact digital ad campaigns have on the environment.”

“Hearst Newspapers is fully committed to sustainable practices and is proud to partner with Sharethrough to further our shared dedication to a greener future. Our dedication to a more sustainable ecosystem aligns with our strategic pillars, as responsible environmental stewardship is an integral part of our business.” said Michael Irenski, VP, programmatic revenue, Hearst Newspapers.

For more information about Sharethrough’s Net Zero Publisher Programme, visit here.