VIOOH Shares Industry-First Carbon Emissions Measurement Hitting 18% Below Benchmark

Today, VIOOH, the leading premium global digital out-of-home (DOOH) supply-side platform (SSP), announced a partnership with the carbon intelligence platform, Cedara, a supporter of Ad Net Zero. In an industry first for a programmatic DOOH (prDOOH) player, VIOOH has shared publicly its impression intensity carbon emissions (grams CO2e) per ad impression for 2022, which is 18% below the programmatic open web benchmark.

Based on Cedara’s measurement, VIOOH generated 0.28 grams CO2e per ad impression in 2022, well below the Cedara ad platform benchmark of 0.34, which is based on programmatic open web vendor data. VIOOH worked closely with Cedara on a comprehensive greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory assessment across its operations, including programmatic media activity, which contributes the majority of Scope 3 emissions. As part of its measurement process, Cedara not only analysed data sets from business operations, but also activity data from media delivery, data centres, and media owners, amongst others.

As a comparison with other media channels, a March 2023 KPMG study in France of energy performance estimated that the energy consumption of DOOH was 0.32 gCO2e, compared with a range of between 0.55-0.66 gCO2e for digital internet media, based on a calculation per audience impression.

“At VIOOH, we are passionate about analysing the environmental impact of VIOOH’s programmatic DOOH advertising activity,” said Jean-Christophe Conti, chief executive officer at VIOOH. “We’re proud to have achieved a lower carbon footprint than industry averages for the open web, which clearly demonstrates the benefit of using the broadcast, one-to-many, environmentally considerate nature of prDOOH. With DOOH being increasingly planned within multi-channel programmatic media strategies, our industry-leading sustainability credentials reinforce the many benefits that prDOOH brings to advertisers looking to understand not only the effectiveness but also the environmental impact of their media mix.” 

“We have been impressed with VIOOH’s desire to understand the impact of prDOOH and their commitment to sustainability and transparent accountability. Through proactive measures, like those adopted by VIOOH, we can all contribute to a sustainable future. It is crucial for businesses around the world to adopt regenerative corporate policies to turn the tide in our fight against the climate crisis,” said Eric Shih, chief operating officer at Cedara. 

VIOOH will continue to measure its carbon impact and make this information available to partners and clients, in order that they can make informed sustainability decisions on their media allocation. Further initiatives will be announced in due course. 


VIOOH is a leading premium global digital out of home supply side platform. Launched in 2018 and with headquarters in London, VIOOH’s platform connects buyers and sellers in a premium marketplace, making OOH easily accessible. Led by a team of ...
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