NumberEight & LiSTNR Join Forces to Mitigate the Loss of Audience Studio DMP

Responding to Salesforce's decision to sunset Salesforce Audience Studio DMP, NumberEight, a leading behavioural intelligence company, and LiSTNR, Australia’s #1 digital audio network and #1 commercial podcast network, have formed a groundbreaking partnership. This collaboration aims to bridge the gap left by Audience Studio’s discontinuation and enhance its current behavioural targeting offerings for brands.

Traditionally, cohorts were computed in the cloud using various data sources such as mobile apps, third-party vendors, surveys, 3rd party data brokers, and others. These were then sent to databases in the cloud, where calculations were performed to determine a user's membership to a cohort. Unique advertising identifiers (e.g., IDFA/AAID, cookies) were then used to map users to their corresponding cohort memberships.

NumberEight specialises in on-device cohorts, and unlike cloud-based cohorts, there is no need for a centralised data repository or even the use of advertising identifiers. Cohorts are generated and activated directly from the user's device within the app's sandbox, with no link between the advertising identifier and the user's cohort memberships for that app. Users can belong to multiple cohorts (e.g., ‘Early Risers,’ ‘Streamers’). Advertisers can activate these cohorts to target relevant users without requiring any identifiers, ensuring a more sustainable and privacy-compliant approach to user targeting.

Notably, many of Audience Studio’s targeting capabilities seamlessly integrate into NumberEight's existing cohort taxonomy - examples include Tradespeople and Green Thumbs. Furthermore, the targeting activation hasn't been impacted by this change, as the cohorts are activated via the Salesforce CDP. NumberEight is committed to developing unique offerings (initial release scheduled in December 2023) to address cohorts previously served solely by Audience Studio. This is part of a broader strategy to help publishers effectively monetise their ad inventory without relying on cookie/ID-based cohorts while continuing to empower brand advertisers with innovative targeting capabilities.  

NumberEight’s CEO and co-founder, Abhishek Sen, shared, “Excited to see NumberEight evolve and help facilitate unique brand activation opportunities even as the old world of audience targeting crumbles due to the loss of identifiers and cookies - and of course build on our long-standing relationship with SCA/LiSTNR.”

Kim Loasby, head of digital ad product & operations for LiSTNR, expressed her excitement about the collaboration, stating, "This is an exciting step in LiSTNR’s journey to continuously innovate the market and deliver the most personalised advertising capability in digital audio."

This collaborative effort not only mitigates any potential commercial impact resulting from the sunset of Audience Studio but also introduces new opportunities for LiSTNR. As LiSTNR and NumberEight embark on this journey, they are committed to pushing the boundaries of innovation, ensuring brands have access to cutting-edge behavioural targeting solutions in the ever-evolving privacy-first digital landscape.


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