AdInMo Combines Player Data & Multi Format Support to Become the Most Integrated InGamePlay Platform


AdInMo, the mobile in-game advertising platform has added audio and rewarded formats to its tech stack so that publishers and advertisers can now reach and monetise players with even more formats from a single ad placement. 

The comprehensive InGamePlay SDK gives publishers greater choice and control on how best to monetise and retain their players in-game. For example, in-game audio ads work well in gameplay where a billboard would perhaps not be immersive and Rewarded InGamePlay encourages players to spend more time in-game, increasing retention and generating a positive impact on all ad monetisation.

The release of AdInMo’s SDK significantly enriches first-party data collection of behavioural and contextual signals as part of the company’s commitment to privacy-by-design addressability. The launch includes the proprietary metric PlayerEngagementScore™ to measure and understand player affinity, and feeds into AdInMo’s ML powered audience framework to help advertisers target those player audiences more likely to engage with their campaign. 

Kristan Rivers, CEO, AdInMo

AdInMo CEO and co-founder Kristan Rivers says, “They say the only constant is change and both the ad tech and monetisation ecosystems are certainly facing major challenges right now with cookie deprecation and rising UA costs. The latest release tackles these head-on with hybrid monetisation and addressability solutions."

"The team is really excited to be working with our developer community to roll out a market-first single-SDK approach to monetising in-game. We also want to challenge the norms in programmatic media buying and turn advertisers’ perceptions of ‘gamers’ on its head. The primary goal of advertising has to be showing the right message to the right person at the right time and AdInMo’s platform, underpinned by the PlayerPersonaFramework™, does just that.”

AdInMo’s InGamePlay SDK can be downloaded here.


AdInMo is a mobile in-game advertising platform that gets ads into games in a way players love. Our privacy-first approach to personalisation and immersive ad formats non-intrusively create enhanced brand experiences that keep audiences engaged. P...
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