NumberEight & Yieldmo Announce Strategic Partnership for Market-First Contextual In-App Targeting

NumberEight, a leader in ID-less solutions, announced today (March 28th, 2024) that it has collaborated with Yieldmo to provide brands with better access to in-app traffic by aligning in-app targeting capabilities. 

NumberEight has reimagined user identity management through AI technology and untapped mobile data, enabling accurate prediction of users' behavioural and demographic data. Recently, NumberEight expanded its data offering to include contextual category analysis using the IAB content taxonomy, leveraging app store metadata and AI modelling to determine the relevant context at an app level.

Contextual solutions are on the rise, but most, if not all, are web-only. However, with mobile projected to represent 70% of digital advertising spend globally by 2028, there is a significant lack of solutions addressing in-app capabilities, especially as in-app is known to have higher viewability and conversion rates.

Yieldmo, the leading advertising technology platform that delivers AI-powered creative ad formats and superior campaign performance from proprietary data, has partnered with NumberEight to bring this innovative technology to digital advertising. This endeavour marks the first instance where in-app inventory was made available to brands to target similarly to web traffic, allowing brands to reach new users in new situations and environments.

Abhishek Sen, CEO at NumberEight, expressed his excitement about the partnership, stating, "We are thrilled to be partnering with Yieldmo to introduce this innovative approach to in-app targeting. By combining our expertise, we are poised to revolutionise how brands engage with their target audience in the mobile space."

"Yieldmo is excited to collaborate with NumberEight to bring cutting-edge in-app targeting capabilities to the forefront of digital advertising," says Mark McEachran, vice president of product management at Yieldmo. "This partnership underscores our commitment to providing advertisers with advanced solutions to enhance their advertising campaigns."

As both companies continue to innovate and drive advancements in digital advertising, advertisers and brands can expect a more targeted and engaging advertising experience.


NumberEight is a pioneering behavioural intelligence company that has reimagined identity by transforming seemingly senseless data from sensors, ad requests, and content information into meaningful insights. Their innovative approach empowers publish...
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