EX.CO Announces New Video Solution for Ad Management Partners

EX.CO, the publisher video platform powering successful video strategies for the world’s leading media groups, today (May 22nd, 2024) announced the launch of advanced video content and monetisation solutions designed specifically for ad management partners (also referred to as sales houses) managing multiple websites.

Driven by EX.CO’s machine-learning-based yield engine, the newly unveiled solution provides ad management partners with a seamless, self-serve interface to oversee multiple accounts across their entire website network effortlessly, including detailed revenue performance breakdowns per publisher and network-wide, as well as insights into individual demand sources. With support for a multi-level account structure, individual publishers within a unified network can leverage EX.CO’s comprehensive suite of APIs and SDKs to personalise players, upload videos, curate dynamic playlists, explore a premium content marketplace for supplemental videos, generate customised reports, and more, while maintaining data privacy within their respective domains.

London-based 1XL, a publisher cooperative of 43 local and regional news publishers with over 700 sites throughout the UK and Ireland that include City A.M., Newsquest, and The Irish News, serves as EX.CO’s launch partner for the solution. The partnership has recently propelled EX.CO to win "Best Video Platform" in the prestigious Digiday Media Awards, underscoring the impressive results of its collaboration with 1XL. Within the first three months, 1XL doubled its monthly revenue across its vast network of websites. EX.CO’s technology also contributed to an increase in audience engagement for 1XL, resulting in 30M+ monthly player loads and nearly 4x higher dwell time. Currently, EX.CO is actively working with additional partners to implement and benefit from these innovative solutions. 

“EX.CO’s innovative approach to our unique setup has played a vital role in enhancing audience engagement and fueling revenue growth across our network,” said Scott Gill, managing director of 1XL. “In today's dynamic digital landscape, strategic alliances like ours are essential for navigating challenges, meeting evolving industry demands, and achieving long-term success."

1XL harnesses EX.CO’s intelligent matching playlist solutions, streamlining the video upload process across multiple domains via a tag-based mechanism. 1XL also consistently adds their own demand sources to the platform, uses EX.CO’s newest video player which improves Google Core Web Vitals, and leverages EX.CO’s AI-based contextually relevant video recommendations which cater to the diverse geographic regions across 1XL’s portfolio.

“We recognise that ad management partners have distinct business needs that diverge significantly from those of traditional digital publishers, and this new solution is designed to accelerate their growth trajectory,” said EX.CO co-founder and CEO, Tom Pachys. “We’re thrilled to see 1XL’s tremendous success and look forward to further innovation with them, as well as in collaboration with future ad management partners.”  


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