AdPlayer.Pro Unveils Innovations in Programmatic Ad Tech & Mobile SDK Upgrades in Q1 2024


AdPlayer.Pro, a global provider of SaaS video advertising technology, has announced Q1 2024 results, highlighting significant advancements in its programmatic ad capabilities and substantial enhancements to its mobile SDKs.

According to the announcement, from January to March 2024, the AdPlayer.Pro team concentrated on implementing advanced programmatic features within its flagship products. Namely, the company introduced critical improvements to the Prebid Demand setup and added a new programmatic auction variant to its video ad server platform, named Performance-based Waterfall.

In this respect, Ms. Natalie Romankina, CEO of AdPlayer.Pro, stressed the importance of equipping their partners with comprehensive tools to optimise operations and boost revenue, given the continuous increase of the global programmatic video ad spend.

Additionally, towards the end of Q1 2024, AdPlayer.Pro released massive upgrades to its mobile SDKs for Android and iOS, designed to help mobile app publishers monetise their inventory with video ads more seamlessly, both programmatically and via direct deals.

As Ms. Romankina noted, this recent release was highly anticipated, significantly simplifying the complex setup and launch processes for digital video ad campaigns in mobile apps. 

"The new AdPlayer.Pro SDKs for iOS and Android represent a significant leap forward from previous versions. And we’ve already got positive feedback regarding their technical implementation and the demonstrated ad performance," she said.

To find out more about the AdPlayer.Pros ad-enabled video player capabilities for mobile publishers, please visit https://adplayer.pro/solutions/html5player or send an email to business@adplayer.pro.


AdPlayer.Pro is a global provider of outstream video advertising tech solutions, including ad-enabled video player technology and a robust video ad server with scalable white-label capabilities....
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