Conscious Media Partners with Greenbids to Enhance Performance & Cut Carbon Impact

Conscious Media, the sustainable digital media partner for brands in the MENA region, announced an exclusive collaboration with Greenbids, a pioneering tech company established in 2022. Greenbids has developed cutting-edge technology leveraging machine learning (ML) and artificial intelligence (AI) to curtail the carbon footprint associated with programmatic advertising while maximising performance across YouTube and Open Exchange platforms. 

Committed to empowering brands to enhance their return on ad spend while mitigating their digital advertising carbon emissions, this strategic alliance solidifies Conscious Media's position as the go-to sustainable digital media partner for brands seeking to engage regional and international audiences through programmatic channels. 

Andy Powell, co-founder and CEO of Conscious Media, expressed enthusiasm about the partnership: "Conscious Media is thrilled to partner with Greenbids and introduce their innovative technology to the MENA region. We've long admired the Greenbids team, as both their technological advancements and ethical principles closely align with ours. With this partnership, we're able to offer brands high-performing YouTube and Open Exchange placements while simultaneously reducing their carbon footprint. Conscious Media's mission is to provide brands with unparalleled return on ad spend while championing sustainability, and this partnership with Greenbids perfectly encapsulates that ethos." 

Adrien Delambre, co-founder and CRO of Greenbids added, "At the heart of Greenbids' mission lies a bold commitment to purge the digital marketing spectrum of its carbon footprint — from the foundational publishers' placements to the intricate optimisation of campaigns within media buying platforms. With our ground-breaking partnership with the seasoned experts at Conscious Media, we are thrilled to unveil sustainable advertising solutions across the MENA region. Our innovative AI driven strategy not only enhances performance but dramatically cuts down carbon emissions, setting the stage for a massive, scalable decarbonisation of digital campaigns throughout the region."  

By joining forces, Conscious Media and Greenbids aim to revolutionise the digital advertising landscape, ushering in a new era where performance and sustainability seamlessly coexist. 


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