First-id Partners with Webedia Spain to Expand its Cookieless Media Network

First-id, the first-party identification solution that is revolutionising the French market, is partnering with Webedia to position itself at the forefront of advertising innovation in the digital media sector.

By integrating First-id, Webedia will be able to create its own Webedia ID, unifying data across all user touch points regardless of browser and always respecting the privacy of its readers.

In a digital world evolving towards an era without third-party cookies, First.id, the first solution on the market to provide a deterministic identifier for the entire agreed audience, will enable the Webedia group to:

  • Access your cross-site audiences in your DMP to maintain traceability across all your websites for a complete view of your audience consumption and improve the accuracy of your advertising campaigns.
  • Improve delivery across all browsers, including Safari and Firefox, by using an identifier based on first-party data.
  • Increase the value of cookieless inventory through better identification and compatibility with Open RTB, Prebid, and Google PPID in particular.

"For a media publisher, it is key to perfect campaign targeting on a daily basis, assuming that each campaign has a different objective. The agreement with First-id allows us to offer advertisers quality inventory on their own terms, which is the only way to achieve their goals," said Iñaki Garcia-Hoz, head of programmatic and automatic partners at Webedia.

With this strategic partnership, First-id strengthens its presence in the Spanish market with a complimentary offer for authenticated traffic solutions, and now extends its strong leadership position from France to other markets such as Spain, Germany, and Belgium.

"We are proud to extend our partnership with Webedia in the Spanish market. Our goal is to restore the lost sovereignty of all publishers. The new world without third party cookies is the opportunity for publishers to regain control of their data and favour the content producer. Our technology will allow Webedia not only to maintain, but also to increase its relevance in an increasingly privacy-conscious market," concludes David Folgueira, CEO of First-id.


first-id is an identifier-based solution that aims to optimise the first-party data of its customers and facilitate their connection, in complete security, with their partners....
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