Ad Fraud

  • Better Mobile Metrics Can Help APAC Brands Get Over Numbers Obsession

    There is urgent need to define viewability and create standardised metrics for mobile ads in Asia-Pacific, where marketers remain hooked on the numbers game, focusing their attention on clicks rather than other more effective metrics.

    This obsession over clicks has resulted in brands neglecting the importance of verification, says Rohit Dadwal, Asia-Pacific managing director at Mobile Marketing Association (MMA), who underscores the importance of delivering better accountability as well as transparency.

    In this Q&A with ExchangeWire, Dadwal further highlights that security still [...]

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  • Whitelisting: The White Knight for Brand Safety?

    With the brand safety scandal raging on since March of this year, one term that keeps cropping up as a potential solution is ‘whitelisting’. ExchangeWire delves into whether whitelisting really is the white knight the industry needs to fend off the bad guys. First published in issue 02 of ExchangeWire’s The Wire print publication.

    What is whitelisting?

    As you’d expect, it’s the opposite of blacklisting. Rather than building a list of disapproved URLs, your campaign targeting is based on a list [...]

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  • Now & Next: Fake News

    Fake news is a hot topic across the globe. The concept of fake news is particularly pertinent and discussions focus on genuinely falsified news and genuine news that is claimed to be fake for personal or company gains. This issue of ExchangeWire’s Now & Next looks at the problems fake news is creating for media professionals, and what (if anything) needs to be done to address them.

    The prevalence of fake news

    Fake news is affecting a large proportion of the online population.

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  • Shared Responsibility Needed to Make APAC Programmatic

    All parties with a stake in the Asia-Pacific ad tech industry are responsible for ensuring programmatic delivers the value it promises and ad content quality must remain the focus for marketers.

    Together, this would ensure consumer experience is optimal and brands get the most returns on their ad dollar, said delegates at this year’s Mobile Marketing Association (MMA) Forum in Singapore.

    During a panel discussion about the region’s programmatic landscape, focus inevitably centred on brand safety and, hence, viewability. Panellists, though, [...]

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  • Tackling Ad Fraud & Data Leakage for Success: Q&A with Ric Elert, Conversant

    Reaching consumers with personalised marketing and relevant messaging is clearly the holy grail in advertising. But staying on top of the trends and changes across the industry are not just important to the advertisers and agencies, but also the companies that serve them. Ric Elert (pictured below), president, Conversant, explains how focusing on the right type of consumer, as well as addressing industry issues around measurement, messaging, and data portability will be the key to everyone’s success.

    ExchangeWire: What does [...]

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  • The 3 Pillars to Brand Safety & How to Make Sure They Are Upheld

    Brand safety is hugely important in the current climate of suspicion towards digital advertising. Frances McCann (pictured below), partner manager, Blis, discusses the three key pillars of brand safety which must be considered to minimise the risk to advertisers and ensure ads are served in a safe environment.

    Frances McCann, Partner Manager, Blis

    Given growing concerns around digital advertising exhibited in this summer’s WFA report, which highlighted the suspicion of advertisers over the placement and viewability of their ads, it’s increasingly important for brands [...]

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  • Launch of Gold Standard Is a Positive Step, But More Still Needs Doing

    In an effort to raise standards in digital advertising, and address key issues facing the industry, the IAB UK is launching the ‘IAB Gold Standard’ initiative, comprising three primary actions that media owners can take.

    Initially, the Gold Standard has three fundamental aims:

    Reduce ad fraud by implementing the ads.txt initiative on all sites carrying ads Improve the digital advertising experience by adhering to LEAN principles, the Coalition for Better Advertising standards, and never using the 12 ‘bad’ [...]

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  • Certification for Media iQ; FastPay Buys AnchorOps

    ExchangeWire rounds up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: Certification and NAI membership for Media iQ; FastPay and AnchorOps to merge; ABC accreditation for Integral Ad Science; Deep learning for new recommendation tech at RTB House; MediaCom and Unruly cooperate; and AdSecure adds cryptomining detection capabilties. 

    Media iQ receives certification for online safety & privacy

    Analytics and technology provider Media iQ underlines its commitment to brand safety and online privacy with two [...]

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  • Time to Fess Up & Help APAC Marketers Deal with Programmatic Concerns

    Ad fraud and brand safety issues associated with programmatic do exist, so ad-tech vendors need to step up and help Asia-Pacific marketers deal with it, instead of simply peddling their tools.

    According to a CMO Council study, 72% of brand advertisers engaged in programmatic buying were concerned about brand integrity and control in digital display ad placement. The online survey polled 300 senior marketing decision makers and included insights from interviews with some the council’s base of 13,000 members [...]

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  • Ad Fraud Needs to Be Tackled by Industry Leaders: Q&A with Erika Soliven, Sociomantic

    The GDPR is on everybody’s mind. But will it be effective in battling ad fraud? Erika Soliven (pictured below), marketing director, Sociomantic Labs, believes that the industry needs to take responsibility for the problem. In this Q&A with ExchangeWire, she calls for action on ad fraud – and more gender diversity in ad tech.

    What are the most pressing concerns plaguing the industry today?

    While GDPR is rumoured to be the next ‘ad blocking’ affair, set to rattle the industry, those prepping themselves [...]

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