Ad Verification

  • China Ad Tech Players Don't Always Respect Boundaries; Singapore Media Giants to Build Programmatic Marketplace

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sums up key industry updates on ad tech from around the Asia-Pacific region – and in this edition: China ad tech players don’t always respect boundaries; Singapore media giants to build programmatic marketplace; China 1Q online ad revenue fall to £7.78bn; AU radio network offers personalised ads; Amazon must localise to build SEA loyalty; and IAB AU offers video, audio, and mobile glossaries.

    China ad tech players don’t always respect boundaries

    China’s ad tech landscape can be [...]

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  • Most Marketers Want to Alter Attribution Model; Japan Ad Spend Hit £44.88bn

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sum up key industry updates on ad tech from around the Asia-Pacific region – and in this edition: Most marketers want to alter attribution model; Japan ad spend hit £44.88bn; IAB AU release Invalid Traffic benchmarks; Mobile telco ad network opens up in India; Yahoo Storytellers lands in Singapore; and UnLtd unveil AU industry scheme for disadvantaged youth.

    Most marketers want to alter attribution model

    Measurement is increasingly an important focus for marketers in the region, [...]

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  • Is There Gold at the End of the Rainbow?

    Today (24 February) ad blocking company Shine, announced that they are rebranding as ‘Rainbow‘. Rainbow is described as “a consumer ad experience”, and the company states: “We are no longer selling ad blocking to mobile carriers, or ISPs.”

    In short, Rainbow is an ad verification company, and the verification criteria is not unique – Rainbow uses industry-defined standards.

    For advertisers and agencies, the process of Rainbow verification is the same as working with any other verification company: submit ads to Rainbow and [...]

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  • P&G are Right to Push for Viewability-Accredited Suppliers, But There's More to it Than That

    On 29 January, Marc Pritchard, global chief brand officer at Procter & Gamble, delivered a keynote at the US IAB Annual Leadership Meeting, which has since sent shockwaves through the advertising industry, and rightly so. Calling out the media supply chain as murky at best, and fraudulent at worst, Pritchard said it’s time to get tough and delivered four key actions to the industry for 2017: adopt one viewability standard; implement accredited third-party measurement verification; get transparent agency contracts; and [...]

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  • Marketers Must Focus on Data-Driven Decision Making: Q&A with Per Pettersen, CEO, Impact Radius

    The advertising industry is not without its challenges. And marketers can have a tough time grappling with these challenges alongside maintaining efficiency and effectiveness. Per Pettersen (pictured below), CEO of Impact Radius, which acquired fraud detection platform Forensiq in June 2016, speaks exclusively with ExchangeWire about how brands can overcome these challenges, how the industry is tackling fraud, and how Impact Radius is evolving as a business.

    ExchangeWire: What do you believe to be the greatest challenges faced by marketers [...]

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  • Adobe Buys TubeMogul; Digital Video Advertising Strategies are Maturing

    ExchangeWire round up some of the biggest stories in the European digital advertising space. In this week’s edition: TubeMogul bought up by Adobe; iab Europe digital video advertising survey; Earnings for YuMe and Marin; FastPay fintech financing program; Targeted display solution by Archant; and Sizmek goes HTML5. 

    TubeMogul acquired by Adobe

    Adobe has entered into a definitive agreement to acquire TubeMogul for a price tag of approximately USD$540m (£433m) net of debt and cash.

    With the acquisition of TubeMogul, Adobe hopes to [...]

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  • India Brands See Improved Engagement; APAC Show Low CTR for Branded Content

    In this weekly segment, ExchangeWire sum up key industry updates on ad tech from around the Asia-Pacific region – and in this edition: India brands see improved customer engagement; APAC show low CTR for branded content; Tencent tout one-stop ad service targeting Chinese tourists; VML launch consulting practice in SEA; Publicis extend startup platform to Singapore; and Syntonic’s Freeway drives into India.

    India brands see improved customer engagement

    Most brands in the populous Asian market have managed to increase their customer experience [...]

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  • Mobile Programmatic Growing but APAC Ecosystem Still Falls Short

    Mobile programmatic adoption appears to be growing in Asia-Pacific; but the region is still struggling to cope with an infrastructure that is fundamentally different from other media and that requires different capabilities and skillsets.

    In an interview with ExchangeWire, Jayesh Easwaramony, InMobi’s Asia-Pacific vice president and general manager, noted that advertisers turned to mobile ads to build brand awareness or drive performance outcomes, such as app installs, lead generation, and website traffic. In fact, performance-based advertising, especially app installs, account for [...]

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  • DoubleVerify Ramp Up European Operations: Q&A with Steve Brown, MD EMEA & Wayne Gattinella, CEO

    Today (14 October), ad verification company DoubleVerify are announcing further European expansion with the appointment of Steve Brown, managing director EMEA, to lead the charge. ExchangeWire spoke exclusively with Brown on his appointment and his remit in his new role, as well as with DoubleVerify CEO, Wayne Gattinella, about the changing face of ad fraud and ad verification.

    According to Gattinella, the expansion into the EU is an important representation of DoubleVerify’s growth. Launched eight years ago, and profitable for the [...]

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  • The Great Log Blog: What Did the Log Ever Do for Us?

    The mere mention of a log (outside the context of web logs, or blogs) could instil reader boredom. Logs are a fundamental, functional part of IT infrastructure and are used for everything. According to Phillip Hayman (pictured below), head of technical services, sales engineering, Integral Ad Science, when you refer to logs in the context of ad tech, they start to become interesting. Here, Hayman explains to ExchangeWire how the use of logs in ad verification allow for transformative [...]

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