• Privacy Sandbox and the Countdown to Cookieless

    We’re now one quarter in from Google removing tracking cookies from 1% of Chrome browsers, (around 300 million users) having cookies removed, and depreciation is set to continue steadily until autumn 2024. In that time, Google’s Privacy Sandbox, the final phase [...]

  • 'Non-Intrusive' Programmatic Advertising: The Future of AR & VR Monetisation?

    This week UK monetisation outfit Admix revealed that it had secured an impressive USD$2.1m (£1.63m) in funding to further develop its AR and VR advertising platform. As reported by Tech.EU, Admix was only founded in 2017, with a focus on allowing [...]

  • Mobile eSports as a Tool to Aquire & Retain: A Primer

    You don't need to be a devoted games industry observer to have noticed something of the recent rise of eSports. Organised competitive gaming has been around along time, of course. eSports' nascent form was forged in the earliest arcade gaming tournaments [...]

  • Last-Click Attribution Is Failing Marketers: Q&A with Amit Dar, Taptica

    User acquisition is evolving. Where it used to be all about the number of installs, developers are becoming smarter and more discerning about campaign metrics and tying acquisition activity back to the bottom line. Now it's about finding the highest [...]