• Is Email 2016’s Advertiser Panacea?

    Could email solve all our digital advertising woes? Stuart Austin, head of retargeting, ESBConnect lays down the facts and benefits of email for ExchangeWire, saying email’s poor reputation is masking its value in digital marketing strategies.

    Reading articles, posts, and blogs on the state of online advertising in 2016, there are a lot of common issues affecting advertisers and agencies, and many that email could help with if, advertisers took another look at it.

    Transparency & engagement

    Too many buyers are [...]

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  • Q2 Earnings: Tremor Video & Marin Software

    Yesterday (4 August) Tremor Video, Inc. (NYSE:TRMR) announced strong financial results for the quarter ended 30 June, 2016. The company achieved 22% growth year-on-year, the majority of growth coming from programmatic.


    – Revenue of USD$37.1m (£28.25m), down 12% year-on-year – Total Spend of USD$54.7m (£41.65m), up 19% year-on-year – Gross profit of USD$17.2m (£13.10m), down 4% year-on-year – Net loss of USD$5.9m (£3.81m); net loss per share of USD$0.11 (£0.08)

    “This quarter we achieved a number of our strategic goals, including signing several key agency [...]

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  • Marketing Clouds' Data Models Make Them Slow: Q&A with Manuel Hinz, CEO, CrossEngage

    Marketing clouds versus best-of-breed solutions – it’s a battle that rages on and there are certainly merits to both. ExchangeWire speak with Manuel Hinz (pictured below), co-founder and CEO, CrossEngage, which is a German company trying to solve advertisers’ cross-channel marketing challenges. As well as giving some background to CrossEngage and how they are tackling cross-channel as a best-of-breed solution, Hinz gives his frank opinions on the limitations of the marketing cloud.

    ExchangeWire: How did CrossEngage come about?

    Manuel Hinz: It [...]

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  • Putting Together the Fragments: Recalibrating How Media is Planned & Bought

    With the world of advertising fragmented, Nick Reid (pictured below), UK managing director, TubeMogul, explains to ExchangeWire why fragmentation is a good thing – as long as marketers know how to make the most of it.

    Being a marketer in today’s fragmented world sometimes feels like playing a video game. After every level you manage to pass, some new, dark challenge appears, costing a life and bringing you one step closer to ‘Game Over’.

    In the marketing world, fragmentation is the real-life equivalent [...]

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  • Not Investing in Mobile Deprives You of a Major Source of Advertising Effectiveness

    Ahead of his participation in a panel discussion on making data the key to programmatic success at ATS Paris tomorrow, ExchangeWire hears from Benoît Cochet (pictured below), director EMEA audience advertising & programmatic sales, Yahoo, who explains that marketers can’t be effective without a mobile strategy and describes how Yahoo is trying to help marketers achieve their cross-device goals.

    The booming use of mobile transforms the customer experience and conversion funnel. To improve performance, advertising campaigns should increasingly be cross-device. This is [...]

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  • Connect Online Advertising with Offline Environment: My Day As a Moment Marketer

    The term ‘moment marketing’ is common parlance among ad tech vendors and advertisers wanting to capture consumer attention at a specific moment in time, where something within the offline environment triggers an online action. As TVTY, which originally coined the phrase, put it in a recently released moment marketing whitepaper: “[It] instantly connects online advertising to what’s going on in the offline world. It’s about connecting with people at the key moments when they reach for their smartphone or laptop [...]

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  • Early Adopters See Success With 'Moment Marketing'

    Rugby fans may have noticed that one of the Rugby World Cup’s major sponsors is synchronising social media advertising activity in real-time based on what happens during each game. This is known as ‘moment marketing’.

    Earlier this week, TVTY‘s Antoine de Kermel, MD EMEA, spoke at ad:tech about how their moment marketing platform is helping brands such as Sony, Vodafone, Kia, and Coca-Cola drive incremental sales by synchronising digital campaigns with TV campaigns and external triggers such as sporting events or weather. [...]

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  • Are Closed Platforms Selling Marketers Short?

    With ATS London and dmexco just around the corner and ‘bridging worlds’ on the bill, Ian Woolley, GM EMEA at Ensighten (pictured) predicts that one of the key discussion points at, and following, the London and Cologne conferences will be open marketing platforms versus closed marketing suites.

    It won’t have failed to escape the attention of dmexco attendees that Adobe, Oracle, Google, and Facebook have been on a tech spending spree during the past few years; and one that would [...]

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  • Deciphering the Infinite Iterations of the Consumer Journey

    The consumer journey is no longer a single pathway from awareness through consideration to conversion. In this piece, Ben Sidebottom, director, solution architecture, Visual IQ (pictured) discusses how modern-day consumers draw information about brands from a greater number of sources than ever before, encountering online and offline touchpoints, traversing a range of channels such as TV, print, social, and search. Users are also utilising numerous platforms, from smartphones and tablets, to laptops and desktops. This labyrinth of touchpoints equates to an infinite [...]

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  • Getting the Right Balance Between the Science & Art of Marketing

    No one can deny that ad tech has transformed the way brands conduct media buying. Gone are the days of sales calls and signed IOs. Today’s automated world sees media transactions happening in milliseconds across a variety of devices and channels. Today, we’re on the brink of yet another huge technological development, the Internet of Things (IoT), which will bring increased device/publisher fragmentation and more advertising opportunities. Nick Graham, global digital director at Huawei Technologies speaks exclusively to ExchangeWire about [...]

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