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  • How SMEs Can Benefit from Programmatic Advertising

    According to the World Bank, small and medium enterprises (SMEs) account for about 90% of businesses and more than 50% of employment worldwide. A significant part of economic growth comes from SMEs in emerging markets, and a key part of this growth is closely related to marketing budgets. According to Hulya Altunbas (pictured below), CFO, ReklamStore, the internet has democratised advertising by offering the opportunity for SMEs to grow with effective marketing. Here, she explains to ExchangeWire that [...]

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  • Automated Cinema Advertising: Q&A with Jay Sears, SVP Marketplace Development, Rubicon Project

    Automation of advertising inventory is expanding at a fair speed. After TV, audio and OOH, the logical next stage is cinema. ExchangeWire speak with Jay Sears (pictured below), SVP marketplace development, Rubicon Project about how their partnership with Screenvision Media to automated cinema inventory buying in the US will bring about efficiency in buying and cross-media planning.

    ExchangeWire: Does the alliance between Rubicon Project and Screenvision Media mean that cinema advertising is now automated?

    Jay Sears: Precisely. Rubicon Project’s partnership with Screenvision [...]

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  • Let Machines Do What They Excel at: Q&A with Peter Silverwood, Chief Scientific Officer, IO

    The UK DSP market is a tough market to operate in, let alone launch in. Still a relatively new kid on the block, and founded by an ex-Met Office employee, Intelligent Optimisations (IO) are making a name for themselves in an, arguably, saturated market and flying the flag for machine learning. Following his recent promotion to the newly created role of Chief Scientific Officer, IO, Peter Silverwood (pictured below) explains to ExchangeWire exactly what that title means in the [...]

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  • Programmatic, a Buying Mechanism, Not a Media Channel: Duane Thompson, Head of Programmatic, Total Media

    The growing importance of programmatic as an effective route to delivering audience-led strategies across all media leads to a need for the right infrastructure. Following his recent appointment as head of programmatic at Total Media, ExchangeWire speak exclusively with Duane Thompson (pictured below) on his second day in his new role, about what programmatic means in a media agency environment.

    Thompson’s background is programmatic, data and technology, where he most recently spent three years on the supply-side at IDG UK, so [...]

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  • Server-side Header Bidding: Fewer Complexities, Greater Reliability

    Header bidding: the ad tech juggernaut that is now used by over 70% of all publishers. But what considerations should publishers take into account when choosing header bidding containers? Andrew Buckman (pictured below), MD EMEA, OpenX, explains the difference between server-side and browser-side header bidding containers; and tells ExchangeWire that server-side header bidding could reduce complexity and improve ad quality.

    Imagine for a minute what the internet would be like if browsers had never moved beyond Mosaic – the first [...]

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  • Programmatic Is the Vehicle, Insights Are the Solution

    We all know that companies are embracing programmatic in order to better connect with consumers online. The growth in use of programmatic has been well documented, and is showing no signs of slowing. However, Bruce Falck (pictured below), CEO, Turn, tells ExchangeWire that the industry needs to move away from jargon and realise that programmatic is a means to an end, with the end goal being the insights generated by programmatic data. 

    Recently, Unruly found that the UK has the highest adoption [...]

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