programmatic planning

  • Programmatic, a Buying Mechanism, Not a Media Channel: Duane Thompson, Head of Programmatic, Total Media

    The growing importance of programmatic as an effective route to delivering audience-led strategies across all media leads to a need for the right infrastructure. Following his recent appointment as head of programmatic at Total Media, ExchangeWire speak exclusively with Duane Thompson (pictured below) on his second day in his new role, about what programmatic means in a media agency environment.

    Thompson’s background is programmatic, data and technology, where he most recently spent three years on the supply-side at IDG UK, so [...]

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  • Automation: The Omnichannel Tipping Point

    Moving away from offline and online media silos into a fully automated, fully integrated media world – is this possible? Oli Whitten (pictured below), head of international, Rubicon Project, certainly thinks it is. Here, Whitten talks to ExchangeWire about how we are much closer to a converged media landscape than we may think.

    There is much talk of how programmatic has made online advertising more efficient and a great success for advertisers and publishers, which of course it has. But with the benefits of [...]

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