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The Data Conundrum: The Publishers' Role in People-Based Marketing

As the deprecation of the third-party cookie nears, first-party data has become the industry's 'new oil', and advertisers are increasingly turning to publishers for access to their supplies. This shift has seen a resurgence in people-based marketing – attempting to present relevant creative to people based on insights about them rather than on traditional (and often less accurate) proxies.

But how do publishers and brands implement truly people-based marketing, and how can their tech partners help them to do so? How are publishers engaging with a people-first approach in a privacy compliant manner? How do they authenticate audiences without relying solely on log-ins? What metrics should publishers and marketers be looking at to measure success? Is logging in the only way to secure authentication?


Lindsay Rowntree – ExchangeWire (moderator)

Karen Eccles – The Telegraph

Navbir Dhillon – Gumtree

Luke Fenney – LiveRamp